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Moisture chamber glasses

Moisture chamber glasses are a proven way to provide relief from the discomfort of dry eye symptoms.

moisture chamber glasses

Also known as dry eye glasses or moisture chamber spectacles, they have a gasket (also referred to as an eye cup) that rests comfortably around your eye sockets. The gasket slows down the evaporation of tears by acting as a barrier against wind and other drying factors in the atmosphere.

As a result, your eyes remain more hydrated and you get relief from the soreness experienced with dry eye conditions.

Moisture chamber glasses may have a translucent silicone gasket like the Ziena spectacles illustrated above, or they may have a silicone rubber gasket like the 7eye AirShield sunglasses, as illustrated below. The effect is the same.

Moisture chamber sunglasses

Benefits of wearing moisture chamber glasses

Wearing moisture chamber glasses can help to:

  • Slow down the evaporation of your tear moisture, reducing dry eye symptoms
  • Protect your eyes from:
  • Maintain a clean environment around your eyes, reducing the risk of infections that may trigger a serious episode of dry eye
  • Reduce your reliance on eye drops

woman wearing Ziena Verona

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