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Moisture chamber glasses

A proven way to relieve dry eyes

Moisture chamber glasses are a proven way to provide relief from the discomfort of dry eye symptoms.

They are often the quickest, easiest and safest way to ease dry eye pain and make your eyes more comfortable. They don't replace medical treatment, but they can significantly improve your quality of life.

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Charlotte before wearing moisture chamber glasses


 Charlotte after wearing Ziena moisture chamber glasses
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Recommended by leading eye hospitals

Moisture chamber glasses are regularly recommended to their dry eye patients by leading eye hospitals.

How do they work?

Also known as dry eye glasses or moisture chamber spectacles, they have a gasket (also referred to as an eye cup) that rests comfortably around your eye area.

moisture chamber glasses

This creates a seal around your eyes that insulates them from the wind, dust and pollen and other drying factors in the atmosphere such as air conditioning.

As a result, your eyes remain more hydrated and you get relief from the soreness experienced with dry eye conditions with less reliance on eye drops.

Moisture chamber glasses may have a translucent silicone gasket like the Ziena spectacles illustrated above, or a silicone rubber gasket like the 7eye AirShield sunglasses, as illustrated below. The moisture chamber effect is the same.

Moisture chamber sunglasses

Benefits of wearing moisture chamber glasses

Wearing moisture chamber glasses can help to:

woman wearing Ziena Verona

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