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Moisture chamber glasses

Moisture chamber glasses can provide relief from the discomfort of having dry eyes.

Ziena moisture chamber eyecup

Also known as "dry eye glasses", they have a gasket that wraps around your eyes, retaining tear moisture so that your eyes remain more lubricated, and protecting them from irritants such as wind, dust or pollen.

woman wearing Ziena Verona

Benefits of wearing moisture chamber glasses

Wearing these glasses can help to:

  • Slow down the evaporation of your tear moisture, reducing dry eye symptoms
  • Protect your eyes from:
    • drying factors such as warm sunshine, wind, heating, and air conditioning
    • irritation by dust, pollutants, and allergens such as pollen
  • Maintain a clean environment around your eyes, reducing the risk of infections that may trigger a serious episode of dry eye
  • Reduce your reliance on eye drops

Recommended by medical experts

Moisture chamber glasses are one of the ways to relieve dry eye syndrome recommended by the NHS in Self-help advice for Dry Eye Syndrome.

The NHS also recommend moisture chamber glasses for Treating Sjögren's syndrome.

They are also being endorsed by an increasing number of specialists in the UK.

Endorsed by dry eye sufferers

The most powerful positive endorsement about the effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses comes from dry eye sufferers themselves.

Here is a recent example:

"I would like to share this because I've been suffering with my eyes for nearly 3 years. I went to 5 professors and even hospital and all they gave me is steroids and all the other ointments you can find at the pharmacy, including pills. I get really dry eyes as I work in catering with AC and all the other fans of the fridges. Then a lady came in the shop and saw me suffering with my itchy, dry, red eyes and recommended me these glasses. I bought the Ventus glasses with the clear lenses that same day and since I received them, I keep them on the whole day till I go to sleep.I bought also extra cups for them and am definitely going to buy another pair. Thank you for saving my eyes."

Read the many other positive testimonials from customers who have found that wearing these glasses has been life changing, giving them daily relief from dry eye symptoms, and enabling them to resume a normal daily life.

We also encourage you to read the many other positive endorsements of the effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses from dry eye sufferers that appear on well established dry eye forums elsewhere on the internet, such as the Dry Eye Zone.

How do I choose which moisture chamber glasses to buy?

Here are our recommendations on how to select the best type of glasses for your needs.

 Ziena Eyewear

Ziena Nereus

Ziena Eyewear are similar to normal optical frames, but with the addition of an opaque silicone eye cup.

The silicone eye cup is soft and gentle against the skin and is less noticeable than the AirShield when wearing the glasses with clear lenses.

Ziena glasses are most suited for dry eye relief indoors. They may be your best choice if you are looking for glasses to wear in an office to help relieve dry eyes, for example when using a computer.

Ziena Verona

7eye AirShield

7eye AirShield glasses or sunglasses are the best choice if your main requirement is to protect your eyes from the wind, dust, or pollen when outdoors.

7eye Ventus with AirShield

They have close-fitting wraparound frames fitted with a comfortable, insulated eye cup that shields sensitive eyes from wind, dust, and pollen and creates a separate moisture chamber around each eye.

moisture chamber gasket

When worn with a tinted lens, the AirShield eye cup is well concealed, making these glasses look similar to normal wraparound sunglasses. When worn with a clear lens, the eye cup is noticeable and the appearance is more goggle-like.

moisture chamber glasses

Body Specs

Body Specs is another range of wraparound sunglasses with removable protective gaskets.

close up of Body Specs gasket

Designed primarily for use outdoors, they have a removable silicone rubber gasket and are supplied with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses.

man wearing Body Specs eyewear

Our Body Specs range also includes lightweight goggles with a flexible nose bridge and adjustable head cord so they mould to the shape of your head.

Body Specs

Most people find that the goggles create a good seal around their eye sockets, making them effective for moisture retention and for blocking dust and pollen. Their portability makes them useful as a travel goggle.

Body Specs flexible goggles

How do I select glasses that will best fit me?

The effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses for relieving dry eyes depends on how well the glasses fit your face. They are not intended to create an airtight seal like swimming goggles, but the moisturising effect is maximised if the eye cup fits closely around your eye sockets.

We suggest that you start with the Size Guide which lists all the glasses in order of increasing frame width. You can click through from the Size Guide to a full description of each frame, including its measurements.

Also look at our comparison between different frames in the 7eye AirShield range

As the glasses in our range vary in shape and fit, this is why it is well worth ordering several models for comparison.

    What our customers say about our glasses

    We have received many positive testimonials from customers who have found that wearing our glasses has been life changing, giving them daily relief from dry eyes, and enabling them to maintain a normal daily life.

    Here is a typical example of feedback on the 7eye AirShield glasses:

    "As a dry eye sufferer I would like to tell others I highly recommend these specialist glasses and the extremely helpful expertise of the owner in making my choice. I have two pairs of the 7eye Cape model -- clear and polarized -- and the unique moisture gaskets have made a significant difference to the comfort of my eyes enabling me to enjoy being outdoors without the usual adverse effects."

    In addition to the feedback from our customers about how beneficial moisture chamber glasses can be, research has been carried out that demonstrates their effectiveness.

    More about dry eyes

    Read about Dry Eye syndrome in Medical News Today

    Medical News Today has a useful article about dry eye treatments which includes moisture chamber glasses. Click on the References at the end of the article which gives an independent endorsement of the services of Eyewear Accessories Ltd.