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Consultants who endorse the use of moisture chamber glasses

Moisture chamber glasses are being recommended to patients by an increasing number of consultant eye surgeons at major NHS hospitals and by consultants at facial palsy and cancer treatment centres across the UK and beyond.

dry eye consultants

Examples of eye treatment centres at UK hospitals that have referred people to us include:

  • Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
  • King's College Hospital, London
  • Great Western Hospital eye clinic, Swindon
  • Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton
  • The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Trust Eye Unit, East Grinstead
  • St Paul's Eye Hospital, Liverpool
  • Benenden Hospital, Kent
  • West of England Eye Unit (WEEU), Exeter
  • Cardiff Eye Centre

Articles by consultants recommending use of moisture chamber glasses

Review of optometry published a detailed article recommending moisture chamber glasses as one of the main ways to treat dry eyes:

Moisture chamber glasses are recommended by Raman Malhotra, the leading consultant ophthalmic surgeon and occuloplastic surgeon, on his page on treatments for facial palsy.

You may find it useful to read the article on the Eyeworld website called "Renaissance for moisture chamber glasses".

NHS Inform recommends them for treatment of dry eyes caused by Sjögren's syndrome.

Specialists wishing to find out how they can supply moisture chamber glasses to their patients should contact Eyewear Accessories Ltd, who are the UK distributors for 7eye and Ziena Eyewear.

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