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How to adjust the fit of your Ziena and 7eye AirShield glasses

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The latest Ziena and 7eye AirShield glasses can be adjusted to optimise the fit so you achieve maximum dry eye relief and protection from wind, dust, and pollen.

Adjusting the ear rests

You can adjust the ear rests (the matt black part) to make them more comfortable and to achieve a tighter fit of the glasses. 7eye refer to this feature as "bendable temples".

7eye AirShield adjustable ear rests

You can bend them in any direction:

  • straighten them if the ear rests are uncomfortable, or if they don't fit under your helmet or when you're wearing a hearing aid
  • bend the hook of the ear rest down more sharply  to bring the eye cups closer to your face

7eye AirShield glasses

Adjustable ear rests are featured on the following 7eye AirShield glasses:

Ziena Eyewear

Adjustable ear rests are featured on the following Ziena glasses:

Ziena Marina side view 

Adjusting the fit of older models

If you want to tighten the fit of older models of 7eye AirShield (Briza, Chubasco, Churada) or Ziena glasses (Nereus, Seacrest and Verona), we recommend that you attach silicone ear grips or an adjustable head strap.

Adjusting the nose pads on Ziena glasses

On Ziena Kai and Marina glasses, you can also adjust the nose pads.

Ziena nose pad adjustment

    Squeeze together the pads if you want to:

    • change the height that the glasses are resting on your face
    • tighten the fit of the eye cups to your face
    • stop the glasses from sliding down your nose

    Push the pads apart if you want to:

    • reduce your lenses from fogging up
    • achieve a closer fit of the eye cup on your cheekbones
    • change the effective varifocal heights if necessary, for example to achieve a clearer view of your computer screen

    Don't adjust the glasses if you may return them! 

    If you decide that the glasses you've ordered are not for you, it's okay to return them within 14 days of receiving them.

    To maximise your refund, it's essential that you return the glasses in "as new condition", without making any adjustments.

    If I can't adjust the glasses how do I know whether to keep them?

    You can easily tell whether it's worth making the adjustments, by pushing the glasses further up your nose and assessing whether the fit is significantly better in that position.

    If so, and you decide to keep the glasses, we recommend making gradual adjustments until you reach the optimum fit.

    A good way to adjust the ear rests is to put the glasses on and, while still wearing them, bend the rests into the optimum shape.

    If you need any help in making these adjustments, you are welcome to call us on 07999 023 152. Click here to see our opening hours.

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