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Banish itchy eyes by wearing our hay fever sunglasses

The warm, sunny weather has brought a high pollen count in many areas which is causing misery to many hay fever sufferers. Grass pollen levels are now at a very high risk, while pollen from nettle, dock, and plantain is also high.

No more itchy eyes

One of the unpleasant and distracting symptoms of hay fever is itchy eyes (allergic conjunctivitis).

Wearing our hayfever glasses and sunglasses stops the itching fast.

They were recommended in The Times Health Supplement in March 2019 in an article entitled: Three ways to prepare for the hay fever season.

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John from Eyewear Accessories explains how Ziena glasses block pollen and relieve dry eyes.

How do our glasses block pollen?

The distinguishing feature of our hay fever glasses and sunglasses is the gasket (also referred to as an eye cup) that is clipped behind the rims.

7eye AirShield gasket

The gasket rests comfortably around your eye sockets, acting as a barrier to stop pollen reaching your eyes. It also protects your eyes from dust and wind, and helps to keep them moisturised.

The gasket is well concealed behind the rims of the glasses and has filtered vents that block fine dust and pollen. It also blocks much more peripheral glare than normal wraparound sunglasses, making our glasses a good choice if your eyes are very sensitive to the sun’s glare.

woman wearing 7eye sunglasses

When you don't need the extra protection, simply unclip the gasket and wear them as normal wraparound sunglasses.

Benefit from your hay fever glasses year after year

Once you've bought your hay fever glasses or sunglasses, you can wear them each year as the need takes you.

wearing hay fever sunglasses

Some people use them just in the hay fever season, but many people find them useful all year round for keeping out wind, dust and glare and acting as moisture chamber glasses to alleviate dry eye symptoms.

What customers say about our glasses

Over many years we have received emails from customers telling us how effectively our glasses have stopped their eyes itching throughout the hay fever season.

Click this link to read feedback on our hay fever glasses.

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How to choose the best hay fever sunglasses for your needs

To maximise the effectiveness of hay fever you will need to select a model that fits closely around your eye sockets. Referring to these pages will help you decide which model(s) to buy:

free returns on 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear

It is a good idea to order two different models of glasses so that you can compare the fit. Use our free returns service if you order two and keep one.

If you need more guidance, do not hesitate to contact us.