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Banish itchy eyes by wearing our hay fever sunglasses

Our hay fever sunglasses have helped many people to get relief from itchy and sore eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) due to allergy to pollen.

Discreet eye cups act as a barrier against pollen, wind and dust

A discreet and comfortable eye cup acts as a barrier to reduce the amount of pollen that reaches your eyes. It also protects your eyes from dust and wind, and helps to keep them moisturised.

The eye cups in Ziena eyewear and 7eye AirShield sunglasses are removable and replaceable. When you don't need the extra protection, you can simply unclip the eye cup and wear the eyewear as normal wraparound sunglasses.

Can be worn at home, at school or work, or during sport

Wear them whenever you need hay fever protection - whether at work, playing sport, or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

The glasses are comfortable and practical to wear and the styling is fashionable.

Hay fever glasses

Can be supplied with clear or tinted lenses or prescription lenses

Most of our models are available with a choice of clear, tinted, polarised, light-reactive or prescription lenses.

hay fever sunglasses

Ziena glasses with clear lenses

Choose the brand that best suits your needs

Ziena eyewear

Ziena Eyewear is distinguished by its soft-feel silicone eye cup, which is the most gentle on the skin. Being translucent, it also looks the least noticeable when wearing hay fever glasses with clear lenses.

7eye AirShield sunglasses

The eye cups in 7eye AirShield sunglasses are made of a contoured, smooth foam material that compresses gently around your eye sockets. The AirShield is well concealed behind the frame and it has filtered vents that block fine dust and pollen.

The AirShield range is ideal for wearing as sunglasses. The eye cup blocks much more peripheral glare than normal wraparound sunglasses. Also wearing 7eye AirShield with tinted lenses makes the eye cup hardly visible from the outside of the frame.

We recommend choosing polarised lenses for optimum protection from the sun's glare. You can choose between Polar Grey or Polar Copper (this is actually a dark brown tint).

7eye AirShield sunglasses

Body Specs flexible goggles

Body Specs flexible goggles are comfortable lightweight dry eye / pollen goggles with separate padded moisture chambers and they come with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses.

Body Specs goggles have a flexible nose bridge and adjustable head cord that enables you to adjust them to the size of your head and to hug the contours of your face.

flexible goggles

They have a good track record for helping dry eye and hay fever sufferers and have the advantage that they are very light and can be folded, so they are easily portable.

This makes them popular as travel goggles, as they can be worn on planes to keep your eyes moisturised and then used on holiday for hay fever or dust protection.

How to choose the best sunglasses for your needs

The effectiveness of hay fever sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen will be maximised by selecting a frame that fits well around your eye sockets. You may wish to buy a couple of different frames for comparison..

We suggest that you start with the Size Guide which lists all the glasses in order of increasing frame width. You can click through from the Size Guide to a full description of each frame, including its measurements.

Also look at our comparison between different frames in the 7eye AirShield range

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