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Medical conditions that can be relieved by wearing our special glasses

Wearing our glasses, sunglasses and goggles with protective eye cups can help to relieve symptoms of the following medical conditions:

What you can expect from these glasses

Wearing our glasses can be an effective and immediate form of self help that does not involve surgery or use of artificial tears or special medication. The key is to find a model of dry eye glasses that fits you well around your eye sockets.

Many wearers of well fitting moisture chamber and windproof glasses have described how they found them to be life changing.

You will see in the customer feedback given on this website that many of our customers have commented that the glasses enable them to take part in outdoor activities that were previously difficult due to dry or watery eyes.

Wearing the glasses normally reduces the intensity of symptoms, helping you enjoy daily life more and to manage your eye condition better.

However, wearing our glasses is not intended to be a cure for these medical conditions You should always get your eye condition monitored by an eye care professional.