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Wearing moisture chamber glasses can help facial palsy sufferers relieve dry eye symptoms

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Dry eyes or excessively watering eyes are a common symptom of facial palsy due to the condition affecting the ability of one or your eyes to close or to blink.

In some cases, facial palsy damages the trigeminal nerve and will therefore also affect tear production.

Moisture chamber glasses give relief and protection

Wearing moisture chamber glasses can be an effective way to provide relief from dry eye symptoms associated with facial palsy. 

They wrap around your eyes like goggles, helping to retain moisture and protecting your eyes from irritants.

Moisture chamber glasses have the advantage of being an affordable, non-invasive, drug free way to provide relief for dry eyes. You can wear them at home, at work, or when participating in sports. 

Because of the reduced ability of your eye(s) to lubricate themselves naturally, these protective glasses play an important protective role in keeping dust and grit which could otherwise trigger eye infections.

A wide range of stylish modern frame designs is available through specialist company Eyewear Accessores Ltd, including models suitable for work, leisure, and sport. The glasses are available with clear, tinted, light-reactive, or prescription lenses.

We also have moisture chamber glasses designed specifically for sleeping in. Wearing our moisture chamber sleep goggles means that your eyes feel more comfortable throughout the night and you don't wake up with dry, painful eyes.

7eye AirShield glasses

Recommendations for our moisture chamber glasses

Moisture chamber glasses are recommended by Raman Malhotra, the leading consultant ophthalmic surgeon and occuloplastic surgeon, on his page on treatments for facial palsy.

Moisture chamber glasses are recommended by Catriona in the Facial Palsy Multidisciplinary Team at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She has written this feedback:

"I often recommend products from your range to my NHS patients with dry eye. You have helped many of my patients in the past with great patience and kindness. It’s great to see the range expanding as new improved products become available."
Catriona Neville
Researcher in Facial Palsy Multidisciplinary Team
Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Our moisture chamber glasses are also recommended by Facial Palsy UK (see the link to our website on their Dry Eye Advice page.

Eyewear Accessories receives frequent testimonials from Bell's Palsy sufferers and people with other facial palsy conditions saying how much the glasses have helped to relieve their dry eye symptoms.

Read Charlotte's inspirational story of how these glasses helped her dry eyes


Charlotte before wearing moisture chamber glasses


 Charlotte after wearing Ziena moisture chamber glasses

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