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My eyes feel great when I'm wearing my Ziena Marina glasses!

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Today I started wearing my new Ziena Marina glasses.

I am finding the fit and comfort of the Marina eye cup better than the one on the Ziena...

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Getting dazzled by low angle sun when you're driving? Here's the answer

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I was prompted to write this post having just returned from a car journey when I experienced temporary road blindness due to the sun reflecting strongly from wet roads.

glare off roads when driving

I scrambled to put the car sun visor down but it always seemed to be in just the wrong place to protect my eyes.

If you wear glasses, there are two recommended options for safe driving in these conditions.

Polarised flip up sunglasses

Yes, flip up sunglasses are definitely the safest way to get protection from glare whilst driving.

polarised flip up...</p>

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How to stop your eyes drying out on a plane journey

prevent dry eye during plane travel

Long flights can be very taxing on your eyes.

The air conditioned cabin leads to a very dry atmosphere and the combination of increased tear evaporation and insufficient sleep adds up to tired, dry and irritated eyes.  

Eyeseals lightweight flexible moisture chamber goggles may be just what you need to protect your eyes during flights.


How Eyeseals work

Each eye cup is made from soft silicone which moulds around the contours of your face. The silicone is flexible and is comfortable on your skin. The soft material headband adjusts in length to enable you to get a...

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Living with cancer treatment and dry eyes: Charlotte's story

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Hello, my name is Charlotte and I have been living with cancer treatment which has led to severely dry eyes. Here is my story of the last three years and my experience of life after wearing moisture chamber glasses.
Following three consecutive years of cancer treatment, including two stem cell transplants, I have been left with severely dry eyes.

I was unable to...

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A new alternative for dry eye and hay fever sufferers other than Body Specs flexible goggles

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In the past, customers looking for affordable, flexible moisture chamber eyewear often chose Body Specs lightweight goggles.

We no longer stock Body Specs products but have replaced the flexible goggles with an alternative product which in many ways is more effective for hay fever and dry eye sufferers.

The new product is called Eyeseals 4.0 and it has quickly become our best selling product. Priced at only £43.50 plus delivery, Eyeseals are flexible goggles with a comfortable headband and a choice between clear or blackout lenses.

Where Eyeseals 4.0 improves on Body Specs flexible goggles is that:

  • its adjustable...

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