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We are closed on Thursday and Friday: how this may affect you

Our office will be closed on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December and re-opens on Monday 4 December.

During this time, we will be unable to:

  • dispatch any new orders
  • process returns, exchanges or refunds
  • reply to any calls or emails

We will dispatch orders received up to 12:00 pm on Wednesday 29 November on the same day if possible. Orders received after that will be dispatched on Monday 4 December.

We will answer voicemails and emails on Monday 4 December.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this causes.

You can...

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Do night driving glasses work?

best anti glare night driving glasses uk best blue light blocking glasses uk best clip on lenses for night driving best clip on night driving glasses uk best clip on sunglasses for glare protection best clip on sunglasses for road glare best colour flip up sunglasses for winter driving

On the internet you will find a baffling range of glasses, overglasses and clip-on sunglasses that claim to have night driving lenses.

But do they actually work? Will you be able to see more clearly and comfortably at night without being blinded by headlight glare?

range of yellow night driving lenses

The short answer is no, they don't really work as claimed.

There is no scientific proof that yellow tinted work for night driving. There is actually a lot of trusted medical advice and also guidance by motoring authorities...

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Do you love being outdoors but hate the wind that makes your eyes water?

best windproof glasses windproof glasses windproof glasses for dry eyes windproof glasses stockists uk

If you are a dry eye sufferer with sensitive eyes, you probably hate it when the wind blasts them.

You may suffer from sore, dry eyes after a time out in the wind, or, equally common, your eyes may water profusely, making it hard to see where you are going.

This is a problem that affects many people every year from the Autumn to the early Spring.

No problem. Try our windproof glasses!

We specialise in glasses and sunglasses to keep out the wind. They have a soft gasket clipped behind the rims which seals your eyes from the wind blasts. Nearly everyone...

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10% discount off our winter driving package - plus big savings compared with prescription glasses

best daytime lenses for driving best lenses for night driving stop headlight glare stop sun's glare causing road blindness winter driving package

Autumn and winter driving can be dangerous and tiring. If you wear prescription glasses to drive, you can improve your driving comfort and safety while saving money with our new discounted winter driving package.

Protect yourself from daytime road blindness

We are in a classic Autumn weather pattern of sunshine and showers.

The day is bright and sunny one moment and then rainstorms come with short notice. The rapid change in light conditions throws up a real danger for drivers.

The roads are wet from the rain and then the low angle sun comes out and shines brightly on them, causing...

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My NuLids experience

Nulids review uk NuLids reviews nulids trial

This review of NuLids has just been sent to us by a severe dry eye sufferer who has been using it daily on our 10-day Nulids trial.

"Having suffered from the misery of dry eyes for a long time I was initially sceptical (yet tempted) by NuLids.

The price was offputting but the prospect of a 10 day trial made it less risky, and when I considered how much I have been paying out for heat pads and various eye drops … well it was worth a try.

I had a chat with John which reassured me and...

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