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Do you wear glasses? Here are our recommendations for the most useful accessories

eyewear accessories glasses accessories spectacle accessories spectacles accessories

Having to wear glasses all the time is a pain! I know, I've been wearing them for over 50 years. There are certain circumstances when they really let you down. For example when you arrive in a shop in winter time and the lenses fog up. Or when you drop them accidentally on the ground. Why do they always land face down and scratch the lenses!

We have selected some of the most useful accessories for making life with glasses that bit easier...

Clip on sunglasses - from £21.99 >>

clip on flip up...</p>

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Enjoy al fresco dining without the itch! This year. Every year.

hay fever sunglasses itchy eyes hay fever itchy eyes sunglasses stop eyes itching hay fever wraparound sunglasses itchy eyes

The recent spell of warm, sunny and dry weather from early morning through to dusk has been perfect for eating meals outdoors. This is summer at its best!

But it comes at a price for hay fever sufferers. The weather has brought very high grass pollen levels right across the UK and for many that means itchy, streaming, sore eyes when you are outdoors.

There is a simple way to enjoy the outdoors without the itch! It does not involve taking any drugs. It is perfectly natural. And it lasts year after year.

Hay fever sunglasses keep out the pollen and...

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What every hay fever sufferer needs to know about pollen...your questions answered

how long does the pollen season last where in Europe is good for pollen worst places to go for hay fever wraparound sunglasses with pollen filter

If you are a hay fever sufferer, read on...Here we answer key questions about pollen. Reading this blog will help you to reduce your exposure to pollen, lessening your symptoms.

How long does the pollen season last in the UK?

  • Tree pollen: March to the end of June
  • Grass pollen: June to the end of August (sometimes September in a warm year)
  • Weed pollen: August to the end of October

These dates are intended as a guide only. The pollen season may be extended in some years depending on the weather conditions during spring, summer, and early Autumn. It will...

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Visiting the beach? Remember to take your moisture chamber glasses with you!

best sunglasses for the beach protect eyes from wind and sand sand blocking glasses sand protection glasses sunglasses to protect from sand

I suffer from dry eyes. All the time. My eyes are also sensitive to the sun's glare, to wind, sand, dust and pollen.

That's why I wore my trusted Ziena Kai glasses on the beach at Instow in North Devon last weekend.

Wearing these glasses is a must for dry eye sufferers who don't want a trip to the beach to ruin their day out or holiday.

Put them on and your eyes are protected all round by a soft silicone gasket. This keeps out the elements while also gently moisturising your eyes as your tears evaporate less fast.


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Love gardening but hate the itchy eyes? Try our pollen blocking glasses!

hay fever glasses hay fever itchy eyes pollen blocking glasses ziena kai pollen glasses

I used to enjoy gardening in June. That's until I started suffering from hay fever.

When I was cutting the grass or putting the grass cuttings on the compost heap, my eyes got so itchy I had to stop and go inside.

Now I wear Ziena Kai sunglasses which have a protective gasket around the eyes that completely blocks pollen from entering my eyes.

soft silicone gasket on Ziena glasses blocks pollen

The result? Virtually instant relief from itchy and dry eyes. I can now enjoy gardening even on hot summer days when the pollen...

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