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Round up of the latest customer feedback on our dry eye glasses

reviews of 7eye glasses reviews of Ziena glasses

We are grateful to our customers for taking time to give us their feedback on our 7eye and Ziena glasses. Here's a round up of five such comments posted to our website by customers over the last few months that have been independently verified through

Fantastic for my dry eye

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Polarised or Non-Polarised: which is better?

dry eye sunglaseses polarised sunglasses vs non polarised sunglasses

Need to get some new sunglasses but not sure whether to buy polarised or non-polarised lenses, or even what these terms mean?

Polarised lenses have a line of tiny dots added to them that diffuses glare from bright, reflective objects. These include glare reflected from the metalwork on cars, road surface water when sunshine follows rain, light coloured buildings, rivers and the sea on a sunny day.


Non-polarised lenses don't have the polarising layer and so they will just darken your view. They won't stop your eyes from experiencing the sharp glare you get from reflections off...

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Latest offers on clip on sunglasses

clip on sunglasses offers on clip on sunglasses

Latest offers on clip on sunglasses

After 15 years supplying some of the best quality clip on sunglasses, Eyewear Accessories is stopping these products in the summer of 2024.

In the run up to this, we have introduced some valuable offers to help you save on the cost of clip on orders.

Buy two or more and get 10% off

When you buy any two or more clip on sunglasses from our store, we will give you a discount of 10% off.

Use discount code: CLIPS10%

Benefits of this offer

From mid-summer 2024 you will no...

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Order your clip on sunglasses now before it's too late!

clip on sunglasses non polarised clip on sunglasses non polarised clip on sunglasses for flying polarised clip on sunglasses polarised clip on sunglasses uk quality polarised clip on sunglasses Visionaries clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories has been selling premium quality clip on sunglasses for over 15 years.

But that is about to end in mid-summer when we will stop selling ALL clip on sunglasses. We will not be placing any new orders from our suppliers so it's advisable to get your clip-ons now while current stocks last.

Over the past 15 years, we've built up a loyal customer base who keep returning to us whenever they change the shape and size of their glasses.

Here is some feedback from customers about our products and service.

We are sorry...

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Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) - the commonest contributor to dry eyes

glasses for MGD meibomian Meibomian gland dysfunction MGD MGD and blepharitis MGD glasses MGD treatments moisture chamber glasses

Until recently, it was widely believed that lack of tear production was the main reason that people suffer from dry eyes.

Recent research indicates that in the majority of dry eye cases it is a lack of secretion of Meibum that is the problem. It is estimated that 60 to 80% of dry eye patients have Meibomian gland dysfunction (referred to as "MGD".)

What is Meibomian gland dysfunction?

The Meibomian glands are located along the eyelid margins behind the base of the eyelashes. 

There are about 25 to 40 meibomian glands in the upper eyelid and 20 to 30 in the lower...

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