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Finding the sun too bright? Try wearing 7eye Airshield sunglasses

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Many people find that the sun's glare makes their eyes uncomfortable and this can take the pleasure of going out in the sun and in doing activities like cycling, walking, or golf.

sunny weather

Your eyes will be particularly sensitive to glare if:

  • you have an eye condition such as dry eye, blepharitis, or glaucoma
  • if your are suffering allergic conjunctivitis, perhaps due to an allergy to dust or pollen
  • if you are in a particularly dusty atmosphere, such as being on safari or on a windy beach where the sand is blowing about
  • if your eyes are particularly sensitive to bright light (photopobia)
  • if you wear contact lenses and your eyes are too dry because of the summer heat

Wearing 7eye AirShield sunglasses has many benefits

7eye AirShield sunglasses are the must have accessory for the summer.

Whereas normal sunglasses let in glare around the edges of the lenses, 7eye AirShield of sunglasses have a gasket that clips behind the rims which blocks peripheral glare.

AitShield sunglasses

When you wear AirShield sunglasses with dark lenses, the gasket is well concealed and the overall appearance is very similar to normal wraparound sunglasses.

We stock AirShield sunglasses with a range of lenses including light-reactive ones and polarised ones.

If you are very sensitive to glare, we recommend that you choose the polarised lenses as they will cut out reflected glare. It is also possible to fit prescription lenses to these glasses.

7eye AirShield sunglasses protect you from the sun

7eye sunglasses not only cut out peripheral glare but they also protect your eyes from dust and pollen, from the wind, and from drying out in the hot sunshine.

You can also benefit by wearing them on the plane on the way to your summer sun destination. You will find that the gasket helps to reduce the problem of dry eyes caused by exposure to air conditioning which dries out the atmosphere inside the plane.

Equip yourself a pair of AirShield sunglasses and get more out of every summer, whatever the weather!

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