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Round up of the latest customer feedback on our dry eye glasses

reviews of 7eye glasses reviews of Ziena glasses

We are grateful to our customers for taking time to give us their feedback on our 7eye and Ziena glasses. Here's a round up of five such comments posted to our website by customers over the last few months that have been independently verified through

Fantastic for my dry eye

I bought these glasses (I normally have to buy children’s) to keep out the wind and I have become photophobic due to an eye operation that went wrong. They have meant I can go outside in all weathers and they stop my eyes from drying out but also protect my eyes from bright lights. The fact they look like normal glasses is perfect.

Review on Ziena Kai tortoiseshell by Veronica

Game changer

I've always suffered from eye irritation when playing golf on windy days, found these online and what a difference, little or no issues now. Have since bought another pair for my exterior work in the summer.

Review on 7eye Cape by Matt

Fantastic product

I purchased the Ziena Marina moisture chamber glasses following a recommendation from my Ophthalmologist. I am really pleased with them. They help to keep my eyes moist when I wear them and have made walking in windy conditions so much more comfortable. They are a stylish design and I've been told that they don't look overly different from a normal spectacle frame. They are sturdy and the suction cup is easy to keep clean. My initial email enquiry was responded to promptly with all the information I needed provided to help me make a decision. Thank you so much.

Review on Ziena Marina by Monica

Sunglasses that give all-round protection from bright sunlight

As I suffer from photophobia and have developed increased discomfort and pain from bright sunlight I have been searching for sunglasses that would give good all-round protection and am relieved to have found the 7eye Chubasco Extra Dark Grey which really do protect my eyes due to the foam gaskets attached to the frame.

Review on 7eye Chubasco by Paula

Great glasses for cycling

I got these with the photochromic contrast lenses and they are ideal for all weather conditions - grey to sunny. I have a small head and these fit well. My eyes water on the bike and these stop about 98% of the wind which is great. I have been wearing cheap safety glasses which were ok but these are so much better and clearer and darken in sunshine. Very pleased with my purchase.

Review on 7eye Chubasco by Patricia

Love it

What a wonderful difference walking has made with my Kai glasses. No more having to dab my eyes every couple of minutes as I walk. It is worth every £ and I’m so glad I came across this site. Thank you.

Review on Ziena Kai tortoiseshell by Funmilayo

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