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Love walking but hate the wind? Wear 7eye AirShield glasses and put the enjoyment back in walking

For anyone who enjoys walking, the arrival of cold Autumnal winds comes as a bit of a shock. It's time to don your fleece, woolly hat and windproof jacket so you can brace yourself against the wind.

Do you put up with your eyes watering in the cold?

That's all good to cover up your body and your head, but what about protecting your eyes? Do you put up with your eyes watering in the cold, or your eyes feeling sore and dry, and the sensitive skin around your eyes feeling chilled and windblown?

Walking outdoors in Autumn and Winter doesn't need to be like that, because 7eye AirShield glasses will protect your eyes and eye sockets from that biting, buffeting wind. Wearing them has been described by one of our customers "like having a big hug around the eyes".

wearing 7eye AirShield glasses for walking on the coast on a windy day

7eye AirShield glasses have a soft gasket that rests comfortably around your eye sockets, keeping out the wind and dust.

windproof glasses with gasket

Click here to read feedback from other customers for whom 7eye AirShield glasses have greatly improved their daily quality of life.

Be prepared this year for the cold weather!

Get 7eye AirShield protection that you can use year after year, and regain your enjoyment of walking.

Whether you enjoy walking around the golf course, exercising your dog, or whether you like long rambles in windy places such as the coast path or the moors, you will find your walks are much more enjoyable when you are wearing 7eye glasses.

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