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Warranty on frames

  • 7eye, Ziena Eyewear, and Body Specs frames have a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship when purchased from an authorised reseller.
  • The warranty does not cover wear and tear through normal use or damage to the product through careless handling or improper use.
  • The warranty is void if the frames or lenses are modified in any way. This includes fitting prescription lenses to them.
  • To ensure warranty cover, you must use and maintain the glasses in accordance with our product care guidelines stated in this document.
  • Removable eye cups / gaskets are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. They need to be replaced at regular intervals and are regarded as wear and tear items. Similarly, lenses are not warranted against scratches.
  • If a fault of any kind develops with the glasses or lenses within this time, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. For safety reasons, do not use the eyewear again and inform us without delay so that a replacement part or product can be provided.
  • If defects are determined to be covered under warranty, 7eye, Ziena or Norville will repair or replace the defective part at no extra charge.
  • As 7eye and Ziena are based in the USA, some replacement parts or frames may need to be requested by Eyewear Accessories Ltd and will therefore be subject to the time taken to ship the replacement or parts from abroad.
  • To process a warranty claim, please send to Eyewear Accessories Ltd:
    • proof of purchase
    • a description of the fault with supporting photographs that clearly prove evidence of the fault to Eyewear Accessories Ltd.