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Why buy dry eye glasses from us?

Eyewear Accessories Ltd is an established family-run UK business supplying glasses, sunglasses, and goggles that protect sensitive eyes from wind, dust, and pollen.

We supply our protective glasses to customers across the UK and internationally. We are recommended by leading eye hospitals such as Moorfields, and are the official supplier of moisture chamber glasses to the NHS.

Eyewear Accessories Ltd is the authorised dealer and distributor in the UK of 7eye by Panoptx and Ziena Eyewear.

Our range of dry eye and windproof glasses and sunglasses available to try on

Pioneers in the adoption of moisture chamber glasses

Since 2009, Eyewear Accessories has been a leading force in raising global awareness of the potential of moisture chamber glasses and goggles to relieve dry eyes.

In 2009 in the UK, virtually no eye consultants knew about these glasses, but by 2023 many eye hospitals are recommending them routinely to their patients.

Since 2009 we have expanded our range with a complimentary set of tools that can further assist the dry eye sufferer manage their symptoms effectively at home and on the go. We only stock the leading brands in each product category.

By 2023 we have supplied moisture chamber glasses and windproof sunglasses to over 16,000 customers right across the world.

Meet the Eyewear Accessories team

Eyewear Accessories has been run in person by John and Alison for 14 years, since it was established in 2009. This enables us to give our customers a personal and supportive service, which has been praised by numerous people (see customer feedback).

John and Alison
Both John and Alison wear our brands of protective eyewear daily for cycling, walking, and gardening. Alison's chosen model is the 7eye Cape, while John wears his Ziena Kai, which he also uses to relieve dry eyes when he is using a computer.
John, who runs Eyewear Accessories and is a dry eye sufferer himself

As recommended in The Times newspaper

Our hayfever glasses have been recommended by The Times newspaper (12 March 2019) in an article: Three ways to prepare for the hay fever season

About the 7eye Panoptx brand

7eye by Panoptx and Ziena Eyewear are recognised as the world leading brands of windproof eyewear and moisture chamber glasses.

Particular features to recommend 7eye glasses include:

  • well padded eye cups with their patent AirShield design makes them effective for dry eye relief
  • comfortable, close fitting frames that maximise the wearer's comfort for daily wear
  • most 7eye and Ziena glasses are designed to take prescription lenses where required
  • quality design and build
  • fashionable styling so that the wearer of these glasses can feel more comfortable about wearing them in everyday situations
  • wide choice of lens options, including clear, tinted, and light-reactive to fit in with different lifestyles
  • genuine 7eye SharpView lenses for optimum optical clarity and maximum UV protection
  • lenses, frame parts, and eye cups are replaceable if they get damaged or worn and we provide full spares backup to our customers

Our track record

For nearly 14 years, we have helped many people who suffer from dry and sensitive eyes and have been delighted with the positive feedback from customers who have found that our dry eye glasses have enabled them to return to activities such as golf, cycling, walking, sailing, and horse riding even in the winter months.

We welcome your feedback!

We welcome feedback from our customers about our products, website, your shopping experience and our customer service, so we can continue to improve what we do!

If you have bought our glasses and wish to share your feedback with others, you can:

  • email us your comment for inclusion on the website
  • like us on our Facebook page

We reserve the right to review all comments prior to publishing them online.

Trading information

Eyewear Accessories Ltd. Registered in England no. 08463790. VAT registration number: 227 6822 92

Trading address: Old Well Barn, College Lane, Ide, Exeter, EX2 9TF.


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Our aim is to help people to find glasses and goggles that will offer them a cost-effective and safe way to protect their eyes from the wind and dust and help them get back to a more active lifestyle in greater comfort. Our advice on which eyewear is most suitable for particular applications is based on our opinion and may be subject to change over time as products evolve.

However, it must be for the purchaser to determine suitability of their choice of eyewear for their purpose and for their optical needs.

Eyewear Accessories does not claim to offer advice on your optical health, for which you should consult a specialist eye doctor.

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