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Size guide for our glasses and goggles

Our glasses are listed below in order of increasing size of fit.

You will also find that these pages help you choose the best glasses for you:

What the sizing labels mean

In the size guide below we have categorised the different models as Small, Small to Medium, Medium, and Medium to Large.

These labels are for your guidance only to help you narrow down the selection of eyewear that may suit your needs.

They are based on a combination of factors including the size of the frame and lenses, the curvature of the eye cup, and our experience of fitting these glasses to customers.

If you're in doubt about which size to order, we recommend buying two different models for comparison and then returning the one that fits less well.

Small fit

Eye cup type

7eye Viento AirShield

7eye Chubasco


Small to Medium adult fit

Eye cup type

7eye Chubasco AirShield
Ziena Kai (adjustable fit) Silicone eye cup
7eye Briza AirShield
7eye Churada AirShield
7eye Ventus (adjustable fit) AirShield

Medium adult fit

Eye cup type

7eye Cape (adjustable fit) AirShield
Ziena Marina (adjustable fit) Silicone eye cup

Medium to Large adult fit

Eye cup type

7eye Panhead (adjustable fit) AirShield

Note about sizing of Ziena Marina

Although the Marina is the wider fit in our Ziena Eyewear range, it can actually be the best fit for Small to Medium and Medium faces too.

This is because the eye cup shape is based on the latest research and development into cranial anatomy, enabling the Marina to be the most versatile frame in the Ziena range.