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Frame sizes for our range of protective glasses

Here we provide simple comparative sizing information to help you select the most suitable glasses.

Important note about sizing

A product is listed in a particular size bracket below based on how closely it fits your forehead around the front temples. If you have a relatively slim forehead, for example, the small to medium fit is likely to fit you best.

For further guidance on the relative size of each model, see Comparison between models in the 7eye AirShield range

    Small to Medium adult fit

    Eye cup type

    Body Specs wraparound sports glasses No eye cup
    7eye Ventus AirShield
    BSG sport sunglasses with gasket Body Specs
    7eye Cape (adjustable fit) AirShield

    Medium adult fit

    Eye cup type

    7eye Cape (adjustable fit) AirShield
    Ziena Nereus Silicone eye cup
    Ziena Verona Silicone eye cup
    Body Specs Z-001 tortoiseshell with gasket Body Specs

    Medium to Large adult fit

    Eye cup type

    7eye Panhead AirShield
    Ziena SeaCrest Silicone eye cup

    Adjustable fit (Small to Large)

    Eye cup type

    Body Specs flexible goggles Body Specs