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Non-polarised lens colours

Eyewear Accessories offers a choice of three non-polarised lens colours for our range of flip up sunglasses, each one suited to different light conditions that you may experience throughout the year.

The lenses in our non-polarised flip up sunglasses are made from polycarbonate, making them extra light but very durable, suitable for sport or leisure use.

All the lens colours are rated to UV400, providing you with 100% UV protection.

You can wear any of these non-polarised lens colours without them distorting your view of LCD screens. This makes them useful for pilots, yachtsmen, and users of satellite navigation systems, mobile phones and tablets.

All our non-polarised flip ups are safe for daytime driving as you can flip up  the lenses quickly and easily if you enter a dark patch of road and flip them down again when you need glare protection.

Grey non-polarised lenses

Grey non polarised flip up sunglasses
  • A dark tint ideal for bright, sunny conditions
  • Filter category 3 lenses significantly reduce direct and reflected glare
  • Neutral effect on colour perception
  • Good choice for leisure use, driving in summer in bright sunshine, Alpine walking, sailing, photography, reading a book outdoors in bright sunlight

Brown non-polarised lenses

non polarised flip up sunglasses tru rectangle large
  • Suitable for bright and overcast conditions
  • Filter category 3 lenses significantly reduce direct and reflected glare
  • Brown tint filters out blue light, enhancing contrast and definition on dull days
  • Excellent choice for year round daytime driving and sport
  • Looks good over brown or tortoiseshell spectacle frames

    Yellow non-polarised lenses

    Non polarised yellow flip up sunglasses
    • The lightest tint (filter category 2) with the highest percentage of light transmission in our range
    • Ideal for enhancing light in poor visibility on misty, rainy, or dull days
    • The yellow lenses block blue light, make everything appear sharper, brighter and more vivid
    • Good choice for winter daytime driving and for cycling, walking, golf and tennis in lower light conditions.