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Adjustable eyewear head strap

Adjustable eyewear head strap


  • 7eye branded adjustable head strap for dry eye glasses, windproof glasses, and sports glasses
  • Designed to help you keep your glasses or sports eyewear securely in place and where necessary to achieve a tighter fit
  • Attaches easily to the ends of glasses and sunglasses
  • Designed to fit all the eyewear in the 7eye and Ziena ranges
  • Toggle adjustment enables the wearer to achieve the desired tightness of fit
  • Helps to distribute the weight of glasses evenly around your head, reducing pressure on your nose and ears
  • Also referred to as an eyewear retainer with adjustable toggle or adjustable glasses cord

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eyewear strap with toggle

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Eyewear retainer with toggle for sports glasses

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