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How to protect your eyes from the wind

This video explains how 7eye AirShield wraparound glasses can help to protect your eyes from being blasted by the wind when you are outdoors.

Change of contact number

Please note that our phone number has changed from when we made this video. It is now 07999 023152.

Which AirShield glasses should I select?

To select the best size and fit, we recommend that you start with the Size Guide which lists all the glasses in order of increasing frame width. You can click through from the Size Guide to a full description of each model, including its measurements.

Also look at our comparison between different frames, which explains how the shape of the eye cup varies.

We have a customer-friendly returns process

We recommend that you buy two different models of glasses as this will increase the likelihood of you finding the best fitting model. If you order two glasses together and then return one and keep one, you are eligible for our free returns offer.