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Glasses for wind and glare protection and relief of dry eye and hay fever

We specialise in sunglasses, glasses, and goggles that protect your eyes from glare, wind, dust, and pollen.

We are the UK's leading provider of moisture chamber glasses for dry eye sufferers, which offer a proven natural and effective alternative for relieving dry eye symptoms rather than relying on eye drops.

Our products can give relief if you suffer from:

Our products are ideally suited to a wide range of sports including cycling, golf, sailing, and skiing.

Find out what customers say who have bought our glasses

"I would like to share this because I've been suffering with my eyes for nearly 3 years. I went to 5 professors and even hospital and all they gave me is steroids and all the other ointments you can find at the pharmacy, including pills. I get really dry eyes as I work in catering with AC and all the other fans of the fridges. Then a lady came in the shop and saw me suffering with my itchy, dry, red eyes and recommended me these glasses. I bought the Ventus glasses with the clear lenses that same day and since I received them, I keep them on the whole day till I go to sleep. I am definitely going to buy another pair. Thank you for saving my eyes."

We also sell optical quality Clip on Sunglasses

See our other website to buy Clip on Sunglasses.

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