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Glasses for dry eye relief and protection from wind, dust, pollen and glare

Eyewear Accessories are the UK's leading specialists in sunglasses, glasses, and goggles for the relief of dry eyes.

woman wearing moisture chamber glasses showing the protective eye cup

In addition to dry eye relief, our products also protect your eyes much more effectively than standard glasses and sunglasses from glare, wind, dust, and pollen.

glasses to keep out the wind

Recommended by leading eye hospitals

Our company and products are recommended to patients for relief of severe dry eyes and associated conditions by Moorfields and other leading eye hospitals and were also recommended in the Times Health Supplement in 2019.
Moorfields eye hospital

Wide range of styles and sizes

We have glasses and goggles designed primarily for outdoor use and ones for indoor use. We even have goggles specifically designed to moisturise your eyes while you rest or sleep.
Prescription lenses can be fitted to most of our dry eye glasses.
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Our showroom with display of our range of moisture chamber glasses

7eye AirShield glasses

These are close fitting wraparound sunglasses with the addition of a discreet and comfortable eye cup for insulation from the elements. They also act as moisture chamber glasses to relieve dry eye symptoms.

woman wearing AirShield hay fever sunglasses

Choosing the best model to fit your face shape is important to maximise protection from the elements, and for effective dry eye and hay fever relief.

7eye glasses showing protective AirShield

Ziena glasses

These are similar to normal spectacles with the addition of a discreet and comfortable silicone eye cup. They are designed to act as moisture chamber glasses to relieve dry eye symptoms both indoors and outdoors.

Ziena glasses for computer users

Ziena glasses are very popular for computer use. Choosing the best model to fit your face shape is important to maximise dry eye relief and protection from the elements.

Ziena glasses showing moisture chambers

Will these glasses help me?

Do you suffer from dry or watery eyes? Do you suffer from itchy eyes in the hay fever season? Do you have eyes that are very sensitive to the sun's glare?

Woman wearing Ziena glasses for dry eye relief

Find out how you can relieve these symptoms and improve your quality of life by wearing our wind, dust, pollen and glare blocking moisture chamber glasses: Read more...

Using Blephasteam to improve your tear quality (MGD therapy)

We also sell Blephasteam goggles (pictured below) which provide an effective daily therapy for dry eyes that works by unblocking your meibomian glands to improve the quality of your tears.

Blephasteam goggles

We also sell optical quality Clip on Sunglasses

We are also the UK's most trusted supplier of quality clip on sunglasses, both polarised and non-polarised.

clip on sunglasses

Coronavirus latest

We have remained fully open to support our customers throughout the Covid pandemic.

Eyewear Accessories is a wholly online business and we are able to operate with the highest standards of hygiene to protect our customers and staff.

We use Royal Mail to deliver our orders and they are currently operating as normal throughout most of the UK, though some international deliveries are taking longer. Click here to see Royal Mail's current service updates.

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