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Glasses for dry eyes and relief of many other eye conditions

Eyewear Accessories are the UK's leading specialists in sunglasses, glasses, and goggles for the relief of:

Moisture chamber sunglasses

Well informed, efficient and empathetic customer service

All of our products are tested and used regularly by John, one of our directors who suffers from dry eyes himself.

This gives us a unique combination of product knowledge and empathy with other dry eye sufferers.

John understands what it feels like to have a life that is dominated by dry eyes and is happy to help customers to choose the product(s) that will most help their individual needs.

Eyewear Accessories has built a reputation on word of mouth and is known for providing an efficient, friendly service that supports customers throughout their experience with us.

AirShield eye cup on 7eye sunglasses keeps out wind, dust, pollen, and glare

Latest customer feedback on 7eye AirShield glasses (15 January 2024)

"I am so impressed & very happy that I found this company which I wholeheartedly recommend.

I dreaded going outside owing to the cold air & wind watering my eyes. It was embarrassing as people asked me whether I needed help!

After my consultation with John Waddington & with his recommendation I bought 7eye Panhead insulated wraparound glasses which stop eyes watering in cold & wind outside.

I am happy to go outside now as not even one tear came out when wearing these glasses.

Thank you John for all your help. I’m really grateful & very happy to have bought the 7eye Airshield glasses.

Kind regards, Sherry"

Ziena moisture chamber glasses


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wearing Ziena glasses to protect eyes from the wind by the sea

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