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7eye Churada Tortoiseshell

7eye Churada Tortoiseshell


  • Close-fitting 7eye frame with small, rectangular lenses
  • Removable AirShield blocks out wind, dust, and pollen and relieves the discomforts of chronic Dry Eye **
  • Fit is small to medium
  • One of the best models in the 7eye range for side protection from the wind
  • Dark tortoiseshell frames
  • Select your choice of lens colour from the menu
  • Slim, flat ear pieces designed for maximum comfort over the ears and for suitability when wearing a helmet
  • Genuine 7eye SharpView lenses for optimum vision clarity and maximum UV protection
  • Supplied with zip case and microfibre bag (which also acts as a lens cloth)

** You will need to replace the AirShield from time to time. The length of time that an AirShield lasts varies depending on the regularity and type of use. Click here to order a replacement AirShield. See our product care guidelines.

FREE UK delivery

Free tracked UK delivery 2-5 days


In addition from these benefits, most customers find that the protective AirShield eye cup improves protection from the sun's glare compared to normal wraparound sunglasses.

When wearing glasses with a protective gasket your field of peripheral vision is slightly reduced. When trying on the product, ensure that it is suitable for your intended use.

Choice of lens colours

  • Choose the lens colour you want from the menu above - see guidance on Lens colours
  • All lenses provide 100% UV protection, anti-fog coated

Note: if your preferred lens choice is showing as "Sold Out", please email us to check when it will next be in stock.

Recommended limits if fitting prescription lenses

Safety standards

ANSI compliance100 percent UV protectionShatterproof lensesRochflex durable frame

      Frame size

      • Lens dimensions: 59 mm wide x 32 mm deep
      • Frame width: 128 mm
      • Small to medium fit

      Optimising the fit of the glasses

      Two simple and inexpensive accessories can help you achieve the best seal around your eyes, improving the moisture chamber properties of the glasses and protection from wind, dust, and pollen.

      Toggle adjustable eyewear retainer @ £2.99 per set

      An alternative to silicone ear grips that you may prefer if you don't like the sensation of having a hook around the back of your ears.

      The eyewear retaining strap attaches to the ends of the ear rests. Loop the retainer around your head and adjust the toggle so that you achieve the optimum fit of the glasses.

      eyewear retaining strap

      You can also wear the strap around your neck to hold your glasses when you are not wearing them.

      > Buy an eyewear retainer

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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 3 reviews
            Happy to recommend them to anyone with similar problems

            Just wish to say thank you for my order of 7eye Churada Tortoiseshell moisture chamber glasses - they work a dream.

            I can now go outdoors in all weathers and enjoy doing the things I was beginning to dread like gardening and even hanging out the washing on windy days.

            Constant eye infections due to having to mop up tears all the time was making my life a misery but hopefully that will all be a thing of the past now - or at least a minimal occurrence.

            Will happily recommend them to anyone with similar problems.

            Jan mcmanus

            Having my normal vision kens put into your frame my vision in the sun is so improved, i no longer walk into walls or.lampostds after a detatchefd retina op i cud not see on a sunny day and now simply i can say your framed.have made my days so much better

            Your glasses have made my days so much better

            My vision in the sun is so improved now I am wearing the Churada.

            After a detached retina operation, I could not see properly on a sunny day and now I can tell you that your glasses have made my days so much better. I no longer walk into walls or lamposts!