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How to detach and replace your eye cup

To ensure that your glasses provide the maximum protection, it is important that the protective eye cup / gasket is correctly fitted behind the frame, as described below.

You will need to replace the eye cup or gasket on your 7eye AirShield, Ziena glasses, and Norville SRX-14, and Body Specs when your current one gets worn out.

7eye AirShield eye cup removal and fitting

To detach the eye cup

Holding the glasses in one hand and the eye cup in the other, detach the tab from each side of the frame, one at time.

Unclipping the eye cup

Now gently pull the eye cup away from the frame.

To refit the eye cup

Insert each tab into the slot at back of the frame.

Push firmly so that the tab clicks securely into the slot on both sides of the frame.

Check that the eye cup is fitted snugly to the back of the frame.

View the glasses from the back and the front and check that the eye cup is fitted evenly all round the frame. If fitted correctly, the eye cup should not protrude from the top or bottom of the frame.

Ziena Eyewear eye cup removal and fitting

The eye cup on Ziena glasses is attached to the frame with micro magnets.

To detach it

Simply peel the eye cup gently away from the frame.

unpeeling the Ziena eye cup from the frame

To refit it

Locate the eye cup in position at the back of the frame and allow the magnets to click into place.
When you have refitted it, check that each micro magnet is attached and that the eye cup is fitting flush with the frame on all sides of the lens and nose bridge.
Ziena eye cup with the silicone eye cup correctly fitted

Buying a new eye cup

How long should an eye cup last?

The length of time that an eye cup lasts depends very much on the type of use of the glasses and frequency of wear. It may range from several months to a couple of years.

Visit the relevant link below to order your new eye cup. Take care to select the correct model of eye cup for the glasses that you have.