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Eye cup fitting and removal

To ensure that your 7eye glasses provide the maximum protection, it is important that the protective AirShield eye cup / gasket is correctly fitted behind the frame, as described in these step by step instructions.

Note: the model illustrated is the 7eye Briza. There are some minor variations in design of the eye cups on the AirShield series but the principle of fitting and removal is the same.

1. Insert the tab at each side of the eye cup into the slot in the side of the frame

2. Push firmly so that the tab clicks securely into the slot on both sides of the frame

3. Check that the eye cup is fitted snugly to the back of the frame

  • Inspect the glasses from the top and bottom to check that eye cup is now fitting snugly to the back of the frame.
  • Check that both side tabs are fully inserted and the eye cup is firmly attached at either side of the nose bridge so that there is no movement up or down.

3. Check that no part of the eye cup is protruding from the top or bottom of the frame

  • View the glasses from the back and the front and check that the eye cup is fitted evenly all round the frame.
  • If fitted correctly, the eye cup should not protrude from the top or bottom of the frame.

4.To remove the eye cup, simply unclip the side tabs, one at a time