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Superior performance eyewear for the discerning motorcyclist from 7eye in the UK

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If you are keen on motorcycling, and are looking for better performing eyewear that can keep the wind, dust, and pollen out of your eyes better than your current biking glasses, take a look at the 7eye AirShield range.

7eye AirShield has a great international reputation for superior performance, particularly among Harley Davidson riders in the USA. 

Eyewear Accessories Ltd is the UK distributor and also supplies the 7eye AirShield range online through our website.

Biker wearing 7eye Panhead motorcycle goggles

Key features that improve 7eye performance

  • Close fitting aerodynamic, secure and comfortable wraparound frames
  • Flat design of ear rests enables the glasses to be worn under a helmet
  • All frames have removable EVA foam gasket providing added wind protection
  • High optical quality impact resistant anti-fog coated lenses
  • All the lenses are rated to UV 400 to provide 100% UV protection
  • Light but strong wraparound frames made from top quality grilamid TR-90
  • Range of frame sizes and shapes to fit men and women
  • Can be worn without the gasket as normal sunglasses when wind protection is not required

Best in class: the 7eye Panhead

Designed to be worn with or without the removable AirShield gasket, offering the best peripheral vision in the 7eye AirShield range, and with flat temple bars designed to fit under most motorcycling helmets, the 7eye Panhead is the preferred model for many bikers.

It's also a very stylish, aerodynamic design, and is available from Eyewear Accessories with a wide range of lens colour options.

Note: it is recommended that motorcyclists should not wear polarised lenses because they can cause patterning on LCD displays which are being used on an increasing number of bikes. Also polarised lenses can make vision through some visors more difficult.

7eye Panhead

7eye AirShield eye cup

Don't put up with under-performing motorbike sunglasses that let in too much wind, dust, and pollen. Try the 7eye AirShield range and we're sure that you'll notice the difference in performance.

Also popular - the Notus

The all new 7eye Notus combines the innovative features of other recent 7eye models like the Panhead and Ventus, with a great deal of design input to provide an even better orbital seal.

7eye Notus

As a result, the Notus seems to be remarkably adaptable to different head sizes. You should certainly try it if you have an average or larger than average head.

Customer feedback on the 7eye Panhead

Read the recommendation for the Panhead in the Spring 2020 issue of "Full Chat" - Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists magazine:

The article is on page 18 and is called "Hay fever glasses".


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