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Background of our UK Dry Eye Glasses specialist

Hello, my name is John Waddington. Together with my wife Alison, I founded Eyewear Accessories 13 years ago and we have run it ever since.

John Waddington wearing his Ziena glasses

Our aim from the outset has been simple. We want to help people suffering from conditions such as dry eye syndrome and photophobia to find protective glasses and sunglasses that will help relieve their symptoms.

The reason that I started our company was because I was suffering myself from dry eyes and was seeking a more effective and convenient self-help way of managing my symptoms than hourly application of eye drops.

I wear my Ziena glasses for extended periods each day and I find they help to keep my eyes more comfortable and moisturised.

In particular I find that they help when I am using my PC, when I am sitting outdoors or gardening in the warm sunshine, when it's windy, when I’m cycling, and when the heating or air conditioning is on.

Wearing my Ziena Kai out walking

I have had varifocal light-reactive prescription lenses fitted into my glasses and over the years have had this done to three different 7eye AirShield products and two Ziena glasses. I have also “road-tested” all the products we sell. 

Eyewear Accessories has a unique perspective among worldwide retailers of dry eye glasses

As far as I know the fact that I am a dry eye sufferer myself and have extensive experience of wearing 7eye and Ziena glasses daily gives me a unique perspective that differentiates Eyewear Accessories from other retailers of protective glasses.

Wearing my 7eye AirShield glasses for cycling

My experience of using Ziena and 7eye glasses regularly over a long period has given me a good understanding of the ways in which moisture chamber glasses can help to manage dry eye symptoms.

I go out of my way to give customers the advice and support they need 

Because these glasses have helped me, I am strongly motivated by a drive to help our customers improve their own quality of life through wearing them.

That's why I will go out of my way to give customers the advice and support they need to choose glasses that will really help them.

Sometimes it's just by answering a specific question promptly so the buyer can make an informed decision. In other cases, customers need more support in choosing and using the glasses and that’s okay too.

I treat every customer as an individual

I treat every customer as an individual and my personal objective is to support you in finding the correct glasses for you and supporting you afterwards if you need spares or repairs.

I have every confidence that our moisture chamber glasses will help to relieve your dry eye condition - it's just a question of finding the model which fits you really well, providing a good orbital seal around your eye sockets.

Feedback from our customers

"The service given by John has always been 100% and his attention to detail was gratefully received throughout the purchase and post purchase as well."

"John and his team offered me an excellent, professional and caring service. He supplied me with two pairs of glasses that have greatly improved my eyes.”

"A fantastic product and an excellent personal service."

"A big thank you to John for his patience and valuable help on the phone. He helped me choose the perfect solution for my eye problems. The 7eye glasses arrived speedily overnight and fitted really well."

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