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Getting prescription lenses fitted

7eye and Ziena Eyewear design their frames so that they can be fitted with prescription lenses, either single vision, bi-focal, or varifocal up to a certain specified limit.

Your optician may be able to advise you about fitting lenses to these products or you may prefer to use an independent optical glazing company such as Ciliary Blue to supply prescription lenses.

Important note about getting prescription lenses fitted 

Please note that Eyewear Accessories Ltd can only supply the frames as advertised on our website. If you choose to have prescription lenses fitted to these frames, it is at your own risk. If you find that your chosen optical glazing service has not fitted them to your satisfaction or that the frame is affected in any way by the prescription glazing process as to reduce the usability of the glasses, then you will need to resolve any issues directly with the company that fitted the lenses.

Once the frames have been passed to an external prescription glazing service, Eyewear Accessories Ltd can take no further responsibility for the frames. We can only provide a refund on frames returned to us prior to being modified by having prescription lenses fitted. See our returns/refunds policy.

Check that your prescription is within the advised limits

Before ordering your 7eye or Ziena glasses from us, it is essential that you first check that your prescription is within the advised limits for your chosen frame.


If you are uncertain, check with Ciliary Blue or your optician that your chosen glasses will be suitable.

Buy your 7eye AirShield or Ziena glasses from us

Once you have been informed that your prescription can be accommodated effectively, visit our store to buy your 7eye AirShield or Ziena glasses.  

We will send them to you with non-prescription lenses so you can check that the frames are comfortable. If this is the case, you need to get your chosen lens maker/fitter to fit your prescription lenses.

Please ensure that you have read and understood our returns/refunds policy in relation to frames which you are intending to have fitted with prescription lenses.

Place your order for prescription lenses from your optician or glazing company

If you are completely satisfied with the fit, usability and suitability of the 7eye or Ziena glasses we send you, and you are ready to proceed, place your order for prescription lenses with your optician or with your chosen optical glazing company.

    If you wish to order prescription lenses through Ciliary Blue

    If you choose to order your lenses from Ciliary Blue, you must have a valid signed optical prescription that is less than 2 years old. You must also be over the age of 17 and not be registered blind or partially sighted.

    When calling Ciliary Blue (01455 293417) you should:

    • give them full details of your optical prescription
    • tell them which lens colour you want (eg: clear, tinted, polarised, or light-reactive)
    • ask for their optional Ultra Clean coating. This can reduce lens misting and mean that you won’t need to clean the lenses so often
    • pay for your order by credit or debit card

    If you plan to use the glasses for sports that carry a risk of impact to the eyes, you should get Ciliary Blue's advice on ordering shatterproof lenses.

    What happens next

    Within a few days you will receive a postage paid box from Ciliary Blue in which you can send the frames to be glazed.

    If you are ordering varifocal lenses, you will need to also enclose an old pair of your glasses which they will use to determine the correct varifocal heights.

    Ciliary Blue will send the completed glasses to you approximately 10 days later (if you are in the UK).

    How to understand your optical prescription

    Optical prescription documents follow a consistent format. Normally the Right eye is shown first (sometimes denoted as OD) then the Left eye (OS).

    The prescription for each eye is divided into Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis values. It is common to have no values for any one of these, in which case you might see the letters PL or plano, or to have values for all of them. Sometimes the prescription may show OU, which means both eyes.

    SPH (Sphere)

    This is a distance correction. If you are short sighted, the SPH will have a minus sign in front of it. If you are long sighted, it will have a plus sign.

    CYL (Cylinder)

    You will only have a cylinder value if you suffer from astigmatism.


    Your prescription will show the related Axis value (in degrees) if you have a CYL measurement.

    Bifocal and Varifocal prescriptions

    If you have a bifocal prescription, you will have a separate measurement for Distance and Near vision, and on a varifocal prescription there will also be an Intermediate distance value.

    Pupillary Distance (PD)

    Pupillary Distance is the distance in millimetres between the pupils of your eyes. Adult PD averages 60 millimetres (mm) for women, and 64 mm for men.

    An accurate pupillary distance (PD) is an essential measurement in order to make prescription lenses, and you cannot purchase glasses online without one. The higher the lens power in your prescription, the more important it is to use an accurate PD measurement.

    If your PD is not shown on your prescription, you can obtain it from your optician, or Ciliary Blue can determine it accurately if you send them an old pair of your glasses (your PD does not change over your adult life).