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Which are the best moisture chamber glasses for driving in?

aircon causing dry eyes driving at night with dry eyes dry eyes making my eyes very sensitive to glare moisture chamber glasses for driving stop peripheral glare while driving

The car is a hostile place for dry eye patients

If you suffer all the time from dry eye syndrome, you will probably find the car a hostile space. There's the drying effect of the car's heating system compounded by the air conditioning which takes moisture out of the air. Many modern cars offer "climate control" which means that there is always a combination of drying heat and aircon.

Road glare an issue with light-sensitive eyes 

If you suffer from dry eyes, you are much more likely to be sensitive to glare when driving.

In the daytime the sun streaming in can cause both direct and reflected glare. Any light, bright or shiny surface such as the metal work of other cars will cause you painful glare by reflecting the sun's rays. At night, headlight glare is a real issue for sensitive eyes.

7eye AirShield glasses are the answer

Fortunately help is in hand.

The soft, protective gasket in our 7eye AirShield glasses and sunglasses creates a barrier around your eyes that reduces the rate at which they dry out. It also stops peripheral glare much more effectively than any other type of sunglasses.

Gasket on 7eye AirShield glasses

So which models are best for driving?

We have identified three models in the 7eye AirShield range that are the best for driving in, one in each size category, .

When you wear any glasses or sunglasses with a windproof gasket, the peripheral vision is slightly reduced. Our choice of driving glasses is therefore based on whether the selected model gives the driver sufficient peripheral vision.

Best small fit

There is one clear winner in this category - the Chubasco

7eye Chubasco

Based on the relatively good peripheral vision it provides, we have chosen it as the best driving moisture chamber glasses for small heads.

Best medium fit

The Cape is our winner in the medium category.

7eye Cape

It is the most popular model in the 7eye AirShield range. Its shape follows the natural contours of the facial bones and we recommend it for the majority of customers. Its peripheral vision is not the best in the 7eye series but it is adequate for most people when driving.

Best medium to large fit

The Panhead is our winner in the medium to large category. 7eye Panhead

Its highly wrapped frame offers the best peripheral vision in the 7eye AirShield range series, making it our overall favourite for driving. It also has adjustable temple ends that enable you to tighten the fit as required.

Which lenses are best for driving?

We offer a range of lenses with our range of 7eye AirShield glasses, including:

  • Contrast lenses:  best overall choice for driving at night or on dull days with low cloud, mist or fog or spray. Alternatively Clear lenses can be used.
  • Polarised lenses: best choice for driving on bright sunny days
  • Copper lenses: best choice for driving in hazy sun

Select your choice of lens colour from the drop down menu on each product page.


Everyone is individual in terms of the severity of their dry eye symptoms and sensitivity to glare. It is always best to choose the most suitable moisture chamber glasses for your needs with the guidance of your ophthalmologist.

Always try your 7eye AirShield glasses in a safe place such as a side road to test whether you feel comfortable when driving with them on. If not, and it is within our 14 day return period, send the glasses back to us for a refund.

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