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Why read our blog?

Our dry eye blog is written by me (John) with input on case studies and product feedback from our customers.

I am a co-director of Eyewear Accessories and have suffered from dry eyes since my early 20s.

Now at 61, I experience dry eye issues at a level where it significantly affects my quality of life.

John wearing his Ziena dry eye glasses

I am always looking for innovative new products that can help me manage my eye condition and to pass this knowledge on to our customers. That was one of the principal reasons for me founding Eyewear Accessories back in 2009.

Our company policy is never to use email marketing because in our experience unsolicited emails from other companies are intrusive.

Therefore, our blog is the only way that we can have a dialogue with you, our customers. It's our mouthpiece for sharing our ideas, experience and knowledge with you. I try to write new and informative posts regularly, on average twice a week throughout the year.

We hope that you will like our blog. Please let us know of any eye related issues that you would like us to cover.

Ways in which we use our blog

We use our blog to give you:

  • my direct experience of suffering from dry eyes on a daily basis and what helps me to manage my condition
  • case studies of how our customers are using our glasses and clip on lenses to improve their quality of life
  • the latest information on new products that can help you manage your eye condition better
  • product enhancements
  • practical advice on using and maintaining our products
  • topical articles and research on matters relating to dry eyes and related conditions
  • our latest discount offers
  • updates about product availability
  • notification of factors that may temporarily affect our service, such as staff holidays and postal strikes

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