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How to clean the lenses on your 7eye or Ziena glasses

This page describes our recommended method of lens cleaning on your 7eye AirShield or Ziena glasses and sunglasses.

  • Remove the eye cup.
  • Rinse the lenses gently under a warm tap.
  • Smear a small amount of liquid soap on both sides of the lenses.
  • Rinse off the soap fully.
  • Pat the lenses and the rims carefully and thoroughly with a paper tissue.
  • When the lenses are completely dry, polish them gently with a clean, dust free microfibre cloth.
Polishing the lenses with a microfibre cloth
  • Refit the eye cup once you are sure that all parts of the glasses are dry.


  • Don't use lens cleaners / or cleaning chemicals as they may damage the anti-fog coating on lenses and have a corrosive effect on metal parts such as hinges and magnets.

  • Don't store the glasses in the case until they are dry.

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