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Do you love being outdoors but hate the wind that makes your eyes water?

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If you are a dry eye sufferer with sensitive eyes, you probably hate it when the wind blasts them.

You may suffer from sore, dry eyes after a time out in the wind, or, equally common, your eyes may water profusely, making it hard to see where you are going.

This is a problem that affects many people every year from the Autumn to the early Spring.

No problem. Try our windproof glasses!

We specialise in glasses and sunglasses to keep out the wind. They have a soft gasket clipped behind the rims which seals your eyes from the wind blasts. Nearly everyone who suffers from watery eyes finds that this problem stops almost immediately after they put our glasses.

And if your problem is dry, sore eyes, expect them to be soothed by the experience of wearing our glasses and your dry eye symptoms will lessen noticeably.

Wearing Ziena windproof glasses on a windy day by the sea

Two leading brands to choose from

We sell the two internationally recognised leading brands of wind-protective glasses for dry eye sufferers - Ziena Eyewear and 7eye AirShield.

Ziena glasses look similar to normal spectacles while 7eye AirShield are based on the concept of wraparound sunglasses.

Generally 7eye AirShield glasses are recommended for outdoor use while Ziena Eyewear is the brand most suited to a combination of indoor and outdoor use.

I find that my Ziena Kai is essential to getting a better quality of life indoors (mainly for computer work) and outdoors (mainly going for a hike). The photo on this page shows me wearing these glasses on a very windy day by the sea at Budleigh Salterton in Devon.

These factors determine which of the two brands will be most effective for you:

  • which gives you the closest fit of the gasket around your eye sockets
  • how much peripheral vision you need while you are wearing them
  • whether or not you need prescription lenses in order to use the glasses

If you need prescription lenses, Ziena glasses are more likely to be suitable than 7eye AirShield.

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