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Overview of all our glasses and goggles

Here is a short overview of our different ranges of specialised glasses, sunglasses and goggles for dry eye relief and protection from wind, dust, pollen, and glare.

It will help you decide which type may be best suited to your needs. We have a wide range of styles and sizes suitable for men and women.

7eye AirShield

7eye AirShield

Our 7eye AirShield collection offers maximum protection from wind, dust, and pollen and helps to protect your eyes from bright sunshine.

They are close-fitting, wraparound glasses and sunglasses, each with an insulated eye cup that rests gently around your eye sockets, protecting your eyes from being buffeted by the wind and reducing peripheral glare from the sun.


The eye cups have small vents that help to reduce lens fogging. These are cleverly designed so they do not significantly reduce the protection offered by the glasses. The vents have a fine protective screen that filters out dust and pollen effectively, significantly reducing the problem of itchy eyes due to allergic conjunctivitis.

On most 7eye models (except the Chubasco) the eye cup is removable and renewable.

7eye AirShield glasses are also effective for relieving dry eye symptoms and can help reduce your reliance on eye drops. The AirShield creates separate moisture chambers around each eye, reducing the evaporation of tears and protecting your eyes from irritation by wind, dust, and pollen. They have a successful track record of stopping the problem of eyes watering in cold winds.

The 7eye AirShield collection offers a choice of lens colours for use in different light conditions.

Recommended for

  • Outdoor wind protection
  • Reduction of dry eye symptoms and watery eyes
  • Relief from itchy eyes associated with pollen or dust allergy
  • Photophobia (if worn with dark lenses)

Ziena Eyewear

Ziena Eyewear

Ziena Eyewear are moisture chamber spectacles styled like standard optical frames with the addition of a removable soft-feel silicone eye cup that rests gently around the eye sockets.

Silicone eye cup on Ziena glasses

The eye cup is less visible than the AirShield, making Ziena glasses a popular choice for wearing in everyday social situations, at home, at work, and around town. However, they can also provide effective wind protection as long as you wear a model where the silicone eye cup fits closely around your face and temples.

Wearing Ziena sunglasses

Our Ziena collection includes 4 unisex frame styles, which are available with clear or light-reactive lenses. The frames are also designed to be fitted with prescription lenses if required.

Recommended for

  • Reduction of dry eye symptoms and watery eyes
  • Relief from itchy eyes associated with pollen or dust allergy
  • Wind protection (but not recommended in situations of high windage such as sailing or skiing)
  • Wearing in everyday social situations and office environments to relieve dry eye symptoms, associated for example with computer use, heating, and air conditioning
  • Plane travel (reducing dryness associated with air conditioning
  • Protection from dust and pollen

How to select the best glasses for your needs

We recommend that you buy two different models from our ranges of protective glasses so that you can try them on at home and choose the one which offers the best comfort and protection.

To be really effective for dry eye relief or wind protection, the gasket or "eye cup" needs to fit well all around the periphery of your eye sockets. As the glasses in our range vary in shape and fit, this is why it is well worth ordering several models for comparison.