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Clip on sunglasses for driving

Driving in different seasons presents the driver with a range of challenges as regards prevailing light conditions, making the use of flip up sunglasses ideal for safe driving.

With this style of clip on sunglasses, the ability to flick up the lenses in an instant maximises their safety when you are driving in variable light conditions.

Why polarised lenses are preferable for driving

Generally, polarised clip ons are the most effective for driving because they reduce the glare from reflected sunlight as well as direct glare from the sun. They will therefore eliminate or at least reduce significantly the painful glare that you experience when sunlight is reflected off the road, cars in front, sea, rivers and lakes.

Eyewear Accessories are known for the high quality of their polarised lenses. It really is worth paying that little bit extra for lenses that will genuinely cut glare. 

Cheap clip on sunglasses often have a low quality of polarisation that does not make that much difference to glare reduction. This presents a serious safety issue, especially when driving in full sun or when the sun is at a low angle in the sky.

Non-polarised lenses are increasing in popularity

Many cars now have digital instruments to display speed, revs and so on. These displays normally have polarised screens, as do sat nav systems. In some cases the polarisation of the clip on lenses can produce patterning on the display or even prevent it from being visible. 

If this affects you, you may prefer to get non-polarised clip on sunglasses.

Driving in full sun

polarised grey clip on sunglasses for driving in full sun

In summer you often experience periods of very intense sunlight where the sun is high in the sky. Polarised grey lenses are best as they have the lowest light transmittance (darkest tint) and are also the most effective at cutting out severe glare.

These lenses are designed for intensive sunlight conditions. Their low visible transmittance, combined with 99% polariser efficiency, provide maximum protection against the sun's glare.

Polarized grey lenses reduce light intensity, while maintaining original colour, with no distortion. 

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Driving in moderate sunshine

polarised brown clip on sunglasses for driving

Polarised brown lenses are good for driving in moderate to bright light conditions and when there are sunny intervals. This lens colour gives enhanced contrast and depth perception, making it a popular choice for driving.

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Driving in hazy sunshine and cloudy conditions

polarised copper clip on sunglasses for autumn driving

In spring and autumn you will normally experience a lower intensity of sunlight, but additionally there is the problem of driving with low angle sun as it approaches winter time.

For autumn driving conditions, copper lenses are preferable. They are lighter than the grey or brown lenses, making them suitable for wearing in moderate sunshine. Copper lenses enhance colour contrast sensitivity and give you a sharper image under hazy weather conditions. Because our lenses our polarised, they significantly reduce the sun’s glare.

The copper lens tint results in enhanced reds such as traffic lights and car brake lights.

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Driving in poor visibility

You may encounter conditions of poor visibility, such as when it is misty or when cloud cover is extensive and the sun is low in the sky. In these conditions, the yellow colour lenses will enhance your vision. Only use them for daytime driving.

polarised yellow clip on sunglasses for winter driving

The yellow/brown filter gives you sharper vision in misty, rainy or dull conditions, while the polarisation virtually eliminates the glare from low angle sun or car headlights.

This is the ideal combination for the winter when glare can be a problem but equally there are dark shadows cast by the low angle sun. It also improves your vision if you are driving along the motorway in rainy conditions when there is poor visibility due to spray.

glare on road

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