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Clip on sunglasses for driving

Our optical quality polarised clip on sunglasses have been tested and approved for daytime driving, and meet British and European standards for recognition of traffic signal lights and colours.

Choose between fixed or flip up lenses

We offer a choice for your driving clip-on lenses between:

Why polarised lenses are so good for driving

The polarising lenses act like a microscopic venetian blind to reduce the sun’s glare by up to 99.97%. This is particularly important when driving where reflected glare from road surfaces and car bonnets can be a severe hazard and cause eye fatigue.

We have 4 polarised lens colours, each one optimised for use in different light conditions, as explained below.

Driving in very bright conditions

For driving in summer in bright, sunny conditions where intense reflected sunlight is a problem, use the polarised smoke grey lenses.

These lenses are designed for intensive sunlight conditions. Their low visible transmittance, combined with 99% polariser efficiency, provide maximum protection against the sun.

Polarized grey lenses reduce light intensity, while maintaining original colour, with no distortion. They relieve glare and increase contrast.

Driving in moderate to bright sun

Polarised brown lenses are good for driving in moderate to bright light conditions.

This lens tint gives enhanced contrast and depth perception, making it a popular choice for driving.

All year round driving in variable conditions

Copper lenses are good for driving in hazy sun and variable light conditions, making them a versatile choice for spring and autumn driving.

The copper lens tint results in enhanced reds such as traffic lights and car brake lights.

The lenses enhance colour contrast sensitivity and give you a sharper image under hazy weather conditions. Because our lenses our polarised, they significantly reduce the sun’s glare.

Winter driving in hazy and misty conditions

Yellow polarised clip on lenses are an excellent choice for winter driving in daylight in poor weather.

The yellow/brown filter gives you sharper vision in misty, rainy or dull conditions, while the polarisation virtually eliminates the glare from low angle sun or car headlights.

This is the ideal combination for the winter when glare can be a problem but equally there are dark shadows cast by the low angle sun. It also improves your vision if you are driving along the motorway in rainy conditions when there is poor visibility due to spray.

Safety note

We do not advise using ANY of our clip on sunglasses for night driving, or when light levels are low. They are intended for driving in daylight only.

This is based on the safety advice from motoring organisations that tinted lenses should not be used for driving at night because any tint, even a light one, will reduce the amount of light reaching the eye, reducing visibility.