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Lens colours for Visionaries clip on sunglasses

Our clip on sunglasses are available in a choice of polarised lens colours in many of our most popular sizes.

Each lens colour is designed to optimise your vision in different light conditions throughout the year, and they have specific benefits for different applications such as driving or fishing.

All the lens colours are polarised for added glare protection, and are rated to UV400, providing you with 100% UV protection.

Safety note

We do not advise using ANY of our clip on sunglasses for night driving or when sunlight levels are low. They are intended for driving in daylight only.

This is based on the safety advice from motoring organisations that tinted lenses should not be used for driving at night because any tint, even a light one, will reduce the amount of light reaching the eye, reducing visibility.

Grey polarised lenses

  • A dark tint ideal for bright, sunny conditions
  • Filter category 3 polarised lenses significantly reduce direct and reflected glare
  • Neutral effect on colour perception
  • Good choice for leisure use, driving in summer in bright sunshine, Alpine walking, sea fishing, sailing, photography, reading a book outdoors in bright sunlight

Brown polarised lenses

  • Suitable for bright and overcast conditions
  • Filter category 3 polarised lenses significantly reduce direct and reflected glare
  • Brown tint filters out blue light, enhancing contrast and definition on dull days
  • Excellent choice for year round daytime driving and sport
  • Best choice for shallows fishing in bright conditions
  • Looks good over brown or tortoiseshell spectacle frames

Copper polarised lenses

  • A lighter tint, ideal for hazy sunshine and variable light conditions (filter category 2)
  • Enhances contrast and definition in hazy sunshine and overcast days, reducing squinting and eye strain
  • The lenses make everything appear sharper, brighter and more vivid
  • Good choice for all year round daytime driving and for golf in autumn and winter