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Clip on flip up lenses with blue light filter

Clip on flip up lenses with blue light filter



  • Optical quality clip on clear lenses with blue light blocking filter and anti glare coating 
  • Reduces glare from:
    • digital screens, including computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, TV, sat nav
    • fluorescent overhead lights in offices, sports halls and supermarkets
    • car headlights to make night driving more comfortable
  • The lenses are non-polarised so they give you a crystal clear view of your PC, mobile, or sat nav screen without distortion
  • 100% UV protection
    • Clips onto metal-rimmed, plastic-rimmed and rimless glasses to transform them into blue light filter ones
    • Clips onto Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses, to give them added blue light protection for when you are using digital devices (also fits over Ziena Marina and Verona glasses
    • Quick and economic way to achieve blue light protection on demand without the cost of buying additional prescription lenses
    • Compact all-metal flip up mechanism clips securely to the top of your glasses
    • Lenses can be flipped up easily when you don't need blue light protection
    • Clips are vinyl-coated to protect your glasses and to prevent slippage
    • Price includes vinyl case


    • Lens size: 60 x 37 mm approx
    • Overall width of flip up sunglasses: 132 mm approx

      Suitable for

      These versatile lenses will protect your eyes from glare in a wide range of situations. Their principal use is viewing digital screens and night driving.

      Viewing digital screens

      Alison wears clip on blue light blocking lenses when viewing her PC

      • Extended use of computer, tablet, TV and mobile screens
      • Viewing digital devices for long periods late in the day which can disrupt your circadian rhythm, affecting sleep
      • Reduces glare emitted from PCs, mobiles and tablets enabling more comfortable screen viewing

      Night driving

      car headlights emit powerful glare

      • Diffuses the sharp blue light emitted from car headlights to make night driving safer and more comfortable
      • Because the lenses are clear they are much safer to use for night driving than yellow tinted ones

      See blog post: Why are so many drivers suffering from headlight glare when driving at night?

      Case included

      The clip-ons are supplied in a tough protective case of soft vinyl with reinforced ends. Secures with a press stud closure.


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