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Why are so many drivers suffering from headlight glare when driving at night?

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There are 300 collisions every year where dazzling headlights are a factor, according to official government data.

According to research carried out by the RAC, half of regular drivers say they are dazzled more from oncoming headlights than they were just 12 months ago.

glare caused by oncoming headlights

So what is going on?

The statistics uncovered by the RAC reveal the true scale of the headlight glare problem:

  • An estimated 16.1m UK drivers say that some or most car headlights are too bright
  • 54% of drivers in the survey said they are dazzled more regularly now than a year ago
  • 70% believe some lights are so bright they represent an accident risk
  • 51% blamed vehicles that sit higher on the road, such as the increasingly popular sports utility vehicles
  • 55% believe bluer xenon or the most modern LED headlights are to blame
This RAC survey was carried out in 2019 and since then the number of SUVs and new cars on the road has increased substantially.
    dazzling headlights from an SUV driving at night

      This is a problem that is not going away anytime soon...

      So what can you do to protect yourself and drive more comfortably and safely at night?

      One effective solution for people who wear glasses to drive is to wear a pair of night driving clip on lenses.

      But beware of the dangers of buying so called night driving glasses that are yellow tinted as they actually reduce the amount of light entering the eye and darken your view of the road.

      The best type of night driving lenses are blue light blocking with anti-glare coating. They soften the blue light glare from headlights without noticeably darkening your view.

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