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Clip on sunglasses for fishing

Eyewear Accessories Ltd's optical quality polarised clip on sunglasses are ideal for fishing and have been praised by angling experts throughout the UK and Europe.

We are the only company in the UK to stock four different polarised lens colours, each colour being optimised for maximum performance in the varying light conditions experienced throughout the angling calendar.

Why our polarised lenses are best for fishing

The polarising lenses in our clip on sunglasses significantly reduce reflected glare on the water, enabling you to see the bed of the lake or river clearly, as demonstrated by these photographs:

View of lake without sunglasses

Same view with our polarised copper lenses

Choose between fixed or flip up lenses

We offer a choice for your driving clip-on lenses between:

Fishing in bright sunshine

For lake or river fishing in bright sunshine, use the polarised brown category 3 filter lenses. 

They provide a useful balance between effective levels of glare protection while enhancing contrast and depth perception.

Fishing in moderate and variable sunshine

For shallows fishing in moderately bright conditions, cloudy and variable weather, use the polarised copper category 2 lenses.

Like the brown lenses, the copper tint enhances colour contrast, depth perception and detail recognition, reducing squinting and resulting eye strain. 

Polarised copper lenses have been shown to be effective for seeing under the surface of shallow lakes, as the photographs above illustrate.

Fishing in hazy and misty conditions

Our yellow polarised clip on lenses are the lightest tint in our range.

They are an excellent choice for fishing early and late in the day when the angle of the sun causes glare but the overall light levels require lenses that allow a slightly higher light transmittance.

Which lenses are best for sea fishing?

Sea fishing enthusiasts generally recommend grey tinted lenses for maximum protection when fishing in the open sea in bright, sunny, conditions.

However, the grey lens colour will not enhance contrast and so is not optimum for river and lake fishing in relatively shallow water.

Grey polarised lenses are available with all our shapes of clip on sunglasses.