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Clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories Ltd of Exeter in the UK is a well established and trusted supplier of optical quality polarised clip on sunglasses, including Visionaries, Solarclips, and Shade Control brands.

Polarised flip up sunglasses

Our polarised flip up sunglasses have optical quality lenses and a compact flip-up mechanism for added versatility.

polarised flip up sunglasses

The polarisation is much more effective than on cheap, poor quality clip on sunglasses, so you get better protection from the sun's glare. The lenses are distortion free, giving you excellent clarity of vision.

john wearing his clip on sunglasses

Non-polarised clip on sunglasses

We have a unique range of optical quality non-polarised clip on sunglasses with a useful flip up feature.

These have been introduced because of the massive increase in use of polarised LCD displays on mobile phones, tablets, satellite navigation systems and other instrumentation in cars, yachts, and aircraft. 

The problem is that if you are trying to view a polarised display through polarised sunglasses, the image you see will either be distorted or appear invisible.

Polarised clip on sunglasses remain very popular with the majority of users because of their superior handling of reflected and low angle glare.

However, non-polarised clip ons are also increasingly popular because the lenses provide protection from UV and from the brightness of the sun, yet the clarity of LCD instrumentation is not diminished.

In particular, our non-polarised brown flip up sunglasses have received high acclaim from pilots.

Our non-polarised range has quality, distortion-free lenses which are made from durable polycarbonate. They block 100% of UV. Because the lenses are so robust, they are recommended for a range of sports, including golf and cycling.

non-polarised clip on sunglasses have tough polycarbonate lenses making them ideal for sport

Visionaries clip on sunglasses with spring-bridge

Visionaries is one of the world's leading brand of clip on sunglasses which attach to your glasses with four discreet edge clips and the tension from the spring-bridge.

Eyewear Accessories coined the term "spring-fit clip on sunglasses" for this type about a decade ago and it now has widespread use.

Our VIsionaries clip on sunglasses have a slim stainless steel rim around the lenses and are available in three polarised lens colours - grey, brown, and copper, each optimised to different light conditions throughout the year.

With spring-fit sunglasses you get what you pay for. The difference between Visionaries brand and cheaper imitations is that the polarisation of the lenses is far superior, the way the lenses are constructed is superior and more durable, and the frame and spring section are quality engineered from light but durable stainless steel with encapsulated rim clips.

spring-fit clip on sunglasses

Rimless clip on sunglasses

We also sell Visionaries rimless spring-fit clip on sunglasses. They have the same optical quality polarised grey lenses as the rimmed versions and share the attachment method via a sleeved spring bridge and four edge clips.

rimless clip on sunglasses

On rimless and plastic frames in particular, the Visionaries rimless range provides a neater appearance.

wearing Visionaries rimless clip on sunglasses with spring bridge

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