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What are the best clip on lenses to block headlight glare?

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The nights are starting to draw in so now is the time to find an effective solution to the perennial problem of headlight glare when driving at night.

headlight glare

Here we tell you which clip on lenses to avoid and which ones can really help to make night driving more comfortable - and safer.

Avoid yellow-tinted lenses for night driving

There are many companies selling so called "night driving glasses" on the internet which have yellow tinted lenses.

While they may reduce glare somewhat, these lenses are inherently dangerous. Why? Because wearing any tinted lenses at night makes darker areas of the road less visible, thus reducing the clarity of your vision.

The AA states that:

  • as a general rule lenses with light transmission less than 75% are unsuitable for night driving
  • yellow tinted lenses are not recommended for night driving

So which lenses are safe for night driving?

Having researched this thorny issue for over 5 years, we believe that we have found a solution..

Our clip on blue light blocking lenses soften the glare and don't darken your vision noticeably. The view through the lenses is slightly yellowy which helps to filter out the harsh blue light component in headlight glare. The lenses also have  anti-glare coatings which reduce glare still further.

john wearing his anti-glare night driving lenses

Because the lenses are non-polarised, you get a clear view of your digital instrumentation and sat nav, without the patterning you can get when looking through polarised lenses.

These clip on lenses are an affordable product that does what is says on the tin and which is legal to drive in.

Also helping you view digital screens comfortably

Our blue light lenses have an equally important role in the office and at home. The blue blocking filter makes it more comfortable to look at digital screens including mobile phones and tablets, PCs and laptops, and TVs. It also reduces the eyestrain from working in an office or supermarket which has fluorescent overhead lights.

Alison wearing her blue light filter clip on lenses

When you look through these lenses, the low wavelength blue light component is filtered out. As this is the main factor that causes glare, the result is a more comfortable viewing experience that is better for eye health if you are looking at digital devices for long periods of the day.

An affordable and versatile product

If glare is stopping you from driving at night or from using your PC or phone for any length of time, it's worth trying this versatile and affordable product which is only £28.99 from Eyewear Accessories Ltd.

Find out more

Click here for full details of our blue light blocking clip on lenses and how to order yours.

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