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Do night driving glasses work?

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On the internet you will find a baffling range of glasses, overglasses and clip-on sunglasses that claim to have night driving lenses.

But do they actually work? Will you be able to see more clearly and comfortably at night without being blinded by headlight glare?

range of yellow night driving lenses

The short answer is no, they don't really work as claimed.

There is no scientific proof that yellow tinted work for night driving. There is actually a lot of trusted medical advice and also guidance by motoring authorities that advises against wearing them while driving at night.

The yellow tint actually reduces visibility in the same way that wearing sunglasses at night does. Yellow tinted glasses or lenses are actually designed for daytime driving in foggy or hazy conditions, rather than for blocking headlight glare.

So what should you do if you're suffering from headlight glare at night?

If you are suffering from discomfort with headlight glare or have even stopped driving at night because of the glare, it is recommended that:

  • you book a visit to your optician for an eye test
  • if you need new specs, pay the small amount extra to have an anti-reflective lens coating
  • keep your windscreen clean

A better and safer alternative to yellow lenses

Eyewear Accessories have tested a wide range of lens tints for night driving and the one that we have found to be the best compromise between blocking headlight glare and maintaining visibility is a very pale yellow tint with blue light filter plus anti-glare coating. If you wear prescription glasses to drive, this is an affordable and safe option.

blue light blocking clip-ons

To order your clip on lenses

Visit this page on our website to see the full specification of our clip-on night driving lenses and to order a pair.

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