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Flying off to the sun? Don't let dry eyes ruin your holiday

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Don't forget to pack your 7eye AirShield or Ziena Eyewear moisture chamber glasses if you are flying off to a sunshine destination such as Greece or the Canary Isles this year.

Strong, dry winds make your eyes dry and sore

Dry eyes tend to accompany all aspects of foreign travel. But if you have moisture chamber glasses you can mitigate the amount that you suffer from dry eyes, keeping them moist on travel days and throughout your holiday experience.

7eye AirShield glasses with protective eye cup

Here are the situations when you are most likely to want to reach for your moisture chamber glasses to avoid your eyes drying out and feeling sore:

On travel days

Dry eyes will normally be a problem right through a travel day. When you have to get to the airport or train station for an early start, lack of sleep will make your eyes dry right the word go.

Flying to your destination? You will experience a couple of hours of waiting in an air-conditioned departure lounge before travelling in the plane.

The drying atmosphere caused by the aircon will soon dry out your eyes, as will passing through arrivals and baggage reclaim at your destination airport.

plane and train travel cause dry eyes because of the air-conditioning

Your eyes may be super sensitive to the overhead lights in the airport. We can supply moisture chamber glasses with special lenses that screen you from this type of glare, making your eyes more comfortable.

    During the holiday

    The intense sun at your destination will cause most dry eye sufferers to suffer from glare. Check out our extra dark lenses if you suffer from photophobia.

    Frequently, sunshine destinations have a hot, dusty atmosphere and there will be sand blowing on the beach. This is particularly true in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The same is true if you are going on safari - you face hours exposed to a dusty atmosphere.

    Wearing moisture chamber glasses on a hot and dusty day

    It is essential to keep grit out of your eyes which would otherwise cause them to flare up. 7eye AirShield and Ziena Eyewear protective glasses create a seal around your eyes sockets, keeping sand and dust out.

    Even when you get to your hotel or cruise ship, you eyes won't get a rest. Most have air-conditioned bedrooms and dining rooms.

    Going on a cruise? Get polarised lenses

    If you are on a cruise you will want to put on your moisture chamber glasses to protect your eyes from the wind when the ship is moving and also to keep out the sun's glare when it is reflected in the sea.

    In this situation, wearing polarised lenses is recommended (available with all types of moisture chamber glasses in the Eyewear Accessories range).

    Your return day

    And then there's the same set of challenges for the dry eye sufferer on your return travel day. You pass through a series of air-conditioned public spaces before and after your plane journey itself, leaving your eyes very dry and sore by the end of the day.


    Moisture chamber glasses really are your best friend when you are travelling if you suffer from dry, sore, sensitive eyes.

    Make sure you get yours well before you travel. If you have a pair of these glasses from us already, check that they are in good, serviceable condition before you leave. For example, check the moisture chamber seal and if necessary replace it.

    Now you can simply have a great time! You can relax and enjoy your holiday without the threat of eye irritation or infection.

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