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7eye Briza Tortoiseshell

7eye Briza Tortoiseshell


  • Close-fitting women's frame with fashionable tortoiseshell frame, rounded lenses and attractive 7eye logo feature on temples
  • Removable AirShield blocks out wind, dust, and pollen and relieves the discomforts of chronic Dry Eye
  • Small to medium size
  • Lens options include Clear, Polarised, and Light-reactive
  • Slim, flat ear pieces are helmet compatible
  • Optically correct lenses giving 100% UV protection
  • Supplied with hard zip case and microfibre bag (which also acts as a lens cloth)

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  • Free tracked UK delivery 2-5 days
  • Optional priority UK delivery for only £6.99

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Often bought with this product

Anti-fog lens cloth

anti fog cloth

  • Lens fogging can be an issue in some situations when wearing moisture chamber and windproof glasses and hay fever goggles
  • This anti fog cloth is really easy and quick to use. One wipe on each lens is effective at stopping lens fogging for up to 48 hours
  • A useful accessory to have around as it works just as well for a wide range of other eyewear from prescription spectacles to Covid visors

Price: £7.99Buy now

Spare AirShield eye cup

AirShield eye cup

  • You will need to replace the AirShield from time to time.
  • Longevity depends on regularity and type of use.
  • See our product care guidelines

Price: £33.99 > Buy now

Benefits from wearing these glasses

In addition from these benefits, most customers find that the protective AirShield eye cup improves protection from the sun's glare compared to normal wraparound sunglasses.

When wearing glasses with a protective gasket your field of peripheral vision is slightly reduced. When trying on the product, ensure that it is suitable for your intended use.

Choice of lens colours

  • Choose the lens colour you want from the menu above - see guidance on Lens colours
  • All lenses provide 100% UV protection, anti-fog coated

Note: if your preferred lens choice is showing as "Sold Out", please email us to check when it will next be in stock.

Recommended limits if fitting prescription lenses

Safety standards

ANSI compliance100 percent UV protectionShatterproof lensesRochflex durable frame

      Frame size

      • Lens dimensions: 62 mm wide x 39 mm deep
      • Nose bridge width: 15 mm
      • Frame width: 127 mm
      • Small to medium fit

      7eye Briza frame width

      Optimising the fit of the glasses

      Two simple and inexpensive accessories can help you achieve the best seal around your eyes, improving the moisture chamber properties of the glasses and protection from wind, dust, and pollen.

      Silicone ear grips @ £2.99 per set

      Simply slide the silicone ear grips up the arms of the glasses to rest comfortably and discreetly behind your ears. If the fit of the glasses needs to be tighter, slide them up further to shorten the effective length of the arms.

      silicone ear grips
      Silicone ear grips help you to achieve a better fit of the protective eye cup to your face, thereby improving the wind, dust, and pollen protection and maintaining a more effective moisture chamber effect.

      Toggle adjustable eyewear retainer @ £2.99 per set

      An alternative to silicone ear grips that you may prefer if you don't like the sensation of having a hook around the back of your ears.

      The eyewear retaining strap attaches to the ends of the ear rests. Loop the retainer around your head and adjust the toggle so that you achieve the optimum fit of the glasses.

      eyewear retaining strap

      You can also wear the strap around your neck to hold your glasses when you are not wearing them.

      > Buy an eyewear retainer

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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 4 reviews

            So happy I have blepharitis and auto immune disease causing dry eye and light sensitivity. First time in years I can sit out and it not effect me my eyes used to swell and burn. Best purchase so glad I got them.

            Love my new glasses!

            Love my new glasses - no streaming eyes on my dog walks, even in the cold wind! Thank you!

            Excellent with only minor niggles

            I have worn these a lot before reviewing, to give them a chance in different conditions, and so I could write a review that will hopefully be helpful to someone else.
            I bought these glasses after lots of research, because on windy days my eyes would just water, especially on top of mountains, which rather spoiled the summit view!
            I have now worn them in all seasons and for walking, biking and mountain climbing.
            They do the job very well indeed while it's windy, but I have found on days where the wind varies, or I stop walking and it's quite warm, they steam up quickly and I have to keep loosening them to allow the steam to evaporate again.
            A slight niggle is that the gasket comes out too easily - sometimes just when I'm taking them on or off.
            I found these slightly wide, so bought the silicone ear grips, which didn't help, then I got the toggle cord thing which is brilliant and allows me to adjust the tightness and it makes them a lot more comfortable and I can leave them round my neck when they aren't required.
            I'm extremely glad I have them, and would say they have made a huge difference to my eye comfort, keeping wind, dust, bugs and other pollutants out and allowing me to explore the outdoors more easily and without worrying about my eyes.
            Very fast post and good customer service - arrived the next day and a good option to try two pairs and keep your favourites - thank you.

            Hi Fiona,
            Thank you very much for posting your review of the Briza glasses. Your feedback is very useful and will help to give people who are thinking of buying 7eye AirShield glasses a better understanding of what they can expect from the Briza.

            Good for running when it's cold and windy

            I've worn the Briza while running (we've had an unusually strong, cold wind the past two days) and they work perfectly. In fact, I much prefer them to the smaller ones I originally purchased. Thank you for your kind and efficient service.