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Living with cancer treatment and dry eyes: Charlotte's story

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Hello, my name is Charlotte and I have been living with cancer treatment which has led to severely dry eyes. Here is my story of the last three years and my experience of life after wearing moisture chamber glasses.
Following three consecutive years of cancer treatment, including two stem cell transplants, I have been left with severely dry eyes.

I was unable to open my eyes for longer than a couple of seconds

At my worst, I was unable to open my eyes for longer than a couple of seconds.

Despite using eyedrops up to every twenty minutes, I ended up with a perforated cornea as I no longer produce tears and only have 50% Meibomian gland function.

Here is a photo of what my eyes looked like at my absolute worst, when I could barely open them, which is before I found your products!

Charlotte before wearing moisture chamber glasses

Moisture chamber glasses have improved my quality of life

I ordered Ziena Kai glasses as well as Eyeseals night goggles and they have both greatly improved my quality of life.
I can now open my eyes for a lot longer and with the limited vision I have, perform basic tasks and enjoy being outdoors again. My eyedrops also last a lot longer! Below is a picture taken of me wearing my Ziena glasses.
 Charlotte after wearing Ziena moisture chamber glasses

I was able to test the glasses to see if they helped me

When I first purchased the Ziena glasses, I contacted John for advice as I was unsure of the fit. He explained to me how best to test them and reassured me that if the fit wasn't correct that I would be able to return them.

He advised to test them in different conditions and to report back to him in about a week.

I wore them on one of the windiest days of the year

I wore my Kai glasses outside on one of the windiest days of the year and also stood next to a radiator on maximum. Usually I would have found both of these activities unbearable but the glasses worked exactly as John had advised and prevented my tears from evaporating as quickly. 

I found it extremely helpful that you can customise your purchase. I achieved an even better fit by adjusting the arm length on my Kai glasses and tightening the head band on my night goggles.

My Kai glasses helped to relieve my photophobia

I also suffer with extreme photophobia and so I ordered light reactive lenses which change from clear to grey when exposed to sunlight. They work exactly as described and help to prevent a lot of discomfort.

Impeccable service throughout

The customer service that I experienced was impeccable. The delivery was quick and I was kept up to date with prompt emails regarding my dispatch and delivery dates. The products were well packaged too.

 So I had to email to thank you for such a brilliant service! 

I am so satisfied with these products that I have recommended your website to my transplant team to pass on to other patients who are suffering from dry eyes following their stem cell transplants.

I have also posted your website on a GVHD group that I am a member of.

You have gained a new loyal customer. I cannot thank you enough! 

Kind regards,


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