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A new alternative for dry eye and hay fever sufferers other than Body Specs flexible goggles

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In the past, customers looking for affordable, flexible moisture chamber eyewear often chose Body Specs lightweight goggles.

We no longer stock Body Specs products but have replaced the flexible goggles with an alternative product which in many ways is more effective for hay fever and dry eye sufferers.

The new product is called Eyeseals 4.0 and it has quickly become our best selling product. Priced at only £43.50 plus delivery, Eyeseals are flexible goggles with a comfortable headband and a choice between clear or blackout lenses.

Where Eyeseals 4.0 improves on Body Specs flexible goggles is that:

  • its adjustable head band is made of a comfortable, soft material, rather than a cord
  • gone is the uncomfortable toggle at the back of your head that affected the comfort of the Body Specs product
  • there are no vents and no hard rubber gasket around the rims, just a soft and flexible silicone rim, so Eyeseals are more comfortable to wear as well as better for conserving tear moisture 

Eyeseals 4.0 moisture chamber goggles

Dry eye relief

Eyeseals form a perfect seal around your eye sockets, creating the most perfect moisture chamber effect of our entire product range.

The flexible silicone eye cups really do mould around the shape of your face and as the goggles are unvented, they conserve your tear moisture very well.

Eyeseals 4.0 with clear lenses

While they were designed to be used as a sleep goggle, in our view, based on using Eyeseals ourselves, they can be a good choice for wearing around the house during the day if you have severe dry eyes and are looking for the most effective and inexpensive moisture chambers.

Wear if you are sleeping with a CPAP machine

Most CPAP machines only cover the mouth rather than the eyes to avoid the discomfort of sleeping in a cumbersome full face mask.

However, most CPAP machines produce draughts of air that can really dry out your eyes over the course of a night's wear.

NCPAP machine covering mouth and nose

Eyeseals 4.0 are ideal to wear for this purpose because they keep out the draughts while being comfortable to sleep in. Choose between Eyeseals with clear or blackout lenses and achieve a comfortable night's sleep with no dry eyes.

    Hay fever relief

    If you found Body Specs flexible goggles to be the dream solution for stopping itchy eyes due to hay fever or dust allergy, then you should find Eyeseals are even more effective, and certainly more comfortable to wear. Not recommended for use in sports or activities outdoors that require perfect vision.

    Plane travel

    If you suffer from dry eyes and hate plane travel, or if you need blackout goggles in order to sleep through time zone changes, Eyeseals are the perfect solution. Comfortable to wear, effective, and very portable.

    Eyeseals black out goggles

    Limitations of Eyeseals

    While they are a great product, Eyeseals are not suitable for all applications:

    • The lenses are not clear enough to be used outside the home or for sports, driving, or operating machinery
    • You will experience lens misting due to tears condensing on the inside surface of the lenses so the range of tasks you can do while wearing them is limited
    • Eyeseals are less robust than the Body Specs flexible goggles, so you need to treat them gently if you want to maximise their life span

    Find out more

    More about Eyeseals and how to order one

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