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How to stop your eyes drying out on a plane journey

prevent dry eye during plane travel

Long flights can be very taxing on your eyes.

The air conditioned cabin leads to a very dry atmosphere and the combination of increased tear evaporation and insufficient sleep adds up to tired, dry and irritated eyes.  

Eyeseals lightweight flexible moisture chamber goggles may be just what you need to protect your eyes during flights.


How Eyeseals work

Each eye cup is made from soft silicone which moulds around the contours of your face. The silicone is flexible and is comfortable on your skin. The soft material headband adjusts in length to enable you to get a perfect seal.

Each eye cup acts as a barrier which protects your eyes from the drying action of air conditioning on the plane and helps to retain a moist environment around your eyes. As a result your eyes will feel pleasantly moisturised even after a long flight. 

There is a choice between clear or black lenses, which accommodates some people's need for blackout goggles to help them to sleep on the plane.

Eyeseals black out moisturising goggles

Who can benefit from wearing Eyeseals?

These goggles are recommended for dry eye sufferers, contact lens wearers, and anyone who suffers allergenic irritation from dust or pollen.

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