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How to stop eyes watering when playing golf in cold winds

If your eyes are constantly watering when you are playing golf in cold, windy weather, it can really affect your game.

Many people find that wearing our wraparound glasses with gaskets can help reduce excessive tearing in these conditions.

7eye AirShield glasses have a comfortable insulated eye cup that compresses gently around your eye sockets, closing off the gaps that the wind can get through on normal wraparound sports glasses.

The AirShield eye cup is clipped discreetly behind the lenses, giving you the protection you need, while looking as stylish as normal sports glasses.

7eye AirShield

When you don't need the added protection, you can simply unclip the eye cup and use the eyewear as normal sports sunglasses.

Protection from pollen during the hay fever season

Not only do 7eye AirShield glassses help with the problem of eyes watering in cold weather, but they are equally effective at blocking pollen and dust from entering your eyes.

So, if in the hay fever season, you suffer from itchy eyes due to pollen allergy, then wearing these glasses should significantly reduce your symptoms.

Protection for dry eyes

Because of the exposed location of many golf courses, strong winds can affect your enjoyment of the game in all seasons.

If you suffer from dry, sore eyes when playing during windy conditions, then wearing 7eye AirShield glasses will help. The insulated eye cup protects your eyes from wind blast and reduces the evaporation of tear moisture.

7eye Viento

Key features

  • Removable insulated eye cup for effective protection from winds, dust, and pollen
  • Comfortable, light, and secure frames
  • The range includes frames that you can adjust for maximum comfort
  • Wide choice of lenses, including:
    • Copper, which improves contrast and depth perception
    • Clear, which is useful in winter and in low light conditions
    • Polarized copper or grey, for maximum glare protection in sunny conditions
    • Light-reactive 24:7 contrast lenses, which protect from glare in bright sun and react to changes in the light conditions to become progressively darker in tint - see our page on Lens colours for more details

How to decide which goggles are suitable for your intended use

Our range of goggles vary in size, closeness of fit and peripheral vision and you must decide whether they are suitable for your intended use. For example:

  • Ensure that the gasket fits well all around the periphery of your eye sockets to maximise wind protection
  • Ensure that you have good, safe all round vision when wearing the goggles
  • Decide on the most suitable lenses for your needs. We recommend the photochromic contrast lenses as the best all round choice

    What golfers say about 7eye AirShield glasses

    “I played my first tear free round of golf in windy conditions. I've tried using my Oakleys before to prevent the wind affecting my eyes, but they didn't work. The 7eye glasses worked a treat. Very comfortable to wear and enabled clear vision. The day started out bright then ended up overcast so I really got to test them out today. I played one of my best rounds of recent weeks too. Thank you very much, these are a game changer for me.”

    “I just want to thank you for your advice. I wore the 7eye glasses today for golf - wow not a tear! I had them on all the time because it was a bit windy and they never moved. I am so thrilled.”

    "I can tell you that the 7eye glasses completely transformed my game of golf today! The weather conditions were both sunny and windy and normally I would have been unable to see the ball because of my eyes watering so badly. Today my eyes didn't water at all so I can safely say the sunglasses were a resounding success and worth every penny!  Thank you very much for all your help in choosing the correct type for my needs."

    "Tried out the 7eye glasses today in a Yorkshire gale. What a fantastic product. No tears, no pollen. Brilliant. I will be recommending them to my golfing colleagues."

    "I suffer with severe watering of eyes in chilly winds. I played golf yesterday in windy conditions and can confirm the glasses provided full protection. So good to purchase something which does exactly what it says on the tin." (received July 2023).

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