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Will wearing moisture chamber glasses help me?

Our range of glasses with gaskets are extremely versatile. They can help relieve a range of eye symptoms, as explained below.

Finding the sun too bright?

7eye AirShield sunglasses can be purchased from us with extra dark lenses for anyone who is very sensitive to bright sunlight. With the AirShield gasket fitted they cut out virtually all unwanted peripheral glare.

As a result, they make excellent photophobia glasses, and also have the benefit of looking stylish, which is unusual for this type of eye protection.

Eyes bothered by the wind?

Our 7eye AirShield sunglasses provide unrivalled wind protection for your eyes, making them ideal for cyclistsgolfers, and walkers - in fact anyone who suffers when they are outdoors with eyes that either water excessively or feel dry and sore when out in the wind.

Suffering itchy eyes due to pollen, dust or other airborne allergen?

Stop itchy eyes from hay fever fast by wearing 7eye AirShield pollen-filtering glasses and sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories - as recommended in the Times Newspaper (12 March 2019).

Our glasses can also be used to block other airborne allergies. See our blog article on preventing allergic conjunctivitis.

Who can benefit from wearing our glasses

Our glasses may give relief if you suffer from:

Read Charlotte's inspirational story of how these glasses helped her dry eyes


Charlotte before wearing moisture chamber glasses


 Charlotte after wearing Ziena moisture chamber glasses
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