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Tired of your eyes being blasted by the wind when cycling?

Standard cycling glasses still let in the wind around the edges

While standard cycling glasses keep out the wind to some degree, they still leave gaps at the sides, top and bottom of the lenses.

As a result, your eyes still get buffeted by wind blasts, making them feel dry and sore, or causing them to water constantly, especially in cold weather.

standard cycling glasses let in the wind around the lens edges

7eye AirShield glasses insulate your eyes from wind blasts

7eye AirShield glasses have a cushioned eye cup that rests comfortably around your eye sockets, insulating you from the peripheral air draughts.

AirShield protects your eyes from wind blast

The AirShield also protects your eyes from irritation through dust and pollution, and also blocks pollen from entering your eyes during hay fever season.

Ideal if you suffer from dry or watery eyes when cycling

Wearing 7eye glasses can put the enjoyment back into cycling, reducing symptoms of dry or watery eyes.

7eye Viento cycling glasses with windproof gasket

Key features of all 7eye AirShield glasses

  • Close-fitting aerodynamic, secure and comfortable wraparound frames
  • Flat design of ear rests enables the glasses to be worn under a cycle helmet
  • Enhanced wind protection compared with normal wraparound cycling glasses
  • High optical quality, impact resistant, anti-fog coated lenses
  • Choice of lens colours to enhance your vision of the road in different light conditions
  • All the lenses are rated to UV 400 to provide 100% UV protection
  • Light but strong wraparound frames made from grilamid TR-90
  • Range of stylish frame sizes and shapes to fit men and women
  • All frames can be fitted with prescription lenses if required

How customers rate 7eye AirShield glasses

“Thanks for your excellent advice. The 7eye glasses are a perfect fit and have put the pleasure back into cycling. Tested yesterday in a strong headwind - super.”

"Just to say how highly delighted I am with my new prescription cycling goggles (7eye Cape). Had my first trip out with them on Wednesday and they exceeded my expectations. No streaming eyes, no bits of dust in the eyes and pin sharp vision."

“The glasses are great. I cycle regularly in them and the windproof insert effectively stops my eyes from being affected by the wind.”

“The 7eye glasses made all the difference cycling in windy Denmark and had the added benefit of cutting out the glare you get around the edges of normal sunglasses. I will definitely get plenty more use from them on breezy days.”

"Just wanted to say a big thank you. My glasses arrived today (I ordered them yesterday!) and are fab. Now I can go outside in the wind and enjoy cycling again without my eyes suffering - they feel like a big hug!"

7eye Cape

How to choose your AirShield glasses

Eyewear Accessories Ltd stocks five of the most popular 7eye AirShield models, offering a range of styles and sizes from small through to large.

You may wish to buy a couple of different frames from the collection so that you can try them at home and select the one which you find most comfortable and protective. 

To be really effective for dry eye relief or wind protection, the gasket  or "eye cup" needs to fit well all around the periphery of your eye sockets. As the glasses in our range vary in shape and fit, this is why it is well worth ordering several models for comparison.

If you need more guidance, do not hesitate to contact us