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Ziena Kai Gloss Black

Ziena Kai Gloss Black


The all new Kai is the latest addition to the Ziena Eyewear range of moisture chamber spectacles with soft-feel silicone shield eye cup.

Key features

  • Unisex gloss black frame design that is on trend with current high street fashions in spectacles
  • Designed to be a small to medium fit, smaller than the Ziena Nereus or Verona
  • Suitable for young adults, small adults, and people with slim foreheads. Not suitable for children
  • Adjustable nose pads and bendable arms enable you to achieve the optimum fit
  • Moisture chamber spectacles with soft-feel silicone shield eye cup
  • Designed for daily wear for relief of symptoms of dry eyes, hay fever, Bell’s Palsy
  • Ideal for use as computer glasses if you are suffering from dry eyes in an air-conditioned office
  • Also provides protection from wind, dust, and airborne allergens such as pollen
  • Eye cup is made from medical grade silicone material that is easy to keep clean. It is easy to remove and replace the eye cup for cleaning and lens care
  • The purchase price includes your first silicone eye cup, which will need to be replaced periodically (replacements are available from us)
  • You can also purchase an optional black eye cup which reduces glare from the sun around the periphery of your vision. The translucent white and black eye cups are interchangeable
  • Genuine Ziena lenses for optimum vision clarity and maximum UV protection
  • Unisex-styled hand polished frames with spring hinges for a more comfortable fit
  • Supplied with lined leather case and microfibre bag (which also acts as a lens cloth)
  • Designed to be suitable for fitting with prescription lenses (see limits stated below)

See our blog article on the Ziena Kai: Introducing the Kai - the new smaller frame from Ziena Eyewear

Can Ziena glasses relieve my dry eye symptoms?

Product benefits

In addition from these benefits, most customers find that the protective Ziena silicone eye cup improves protection from the sun's glare compared to normal wraparound sunglasses, especially if you purchase the optional black eye cup.

When wearing Ziena glasses, your field of peripheral vision is slightly reduced. When trying on the product, ensure that you assess whether it is suitable for your intended use.

We do not recommend wearing them for activities such as cycling or driving, where good peripheral vision is essential.

Watch our video on the Ziena Kai

Choice of lens colours

  • Choose the lens colour you want from the menu above - see guidance on Lens colours
  • All lenses provide 100% UV protection, anti-fog coated

Note: if your preferred lens choice is showing as "Sold Out", please email us to check when it will next be in stock.

Recommended limits if fitting prescription lenses

      Frame size

      • Lens dimensions: 52 mm wide x 33 mm deep
      • Small to Medium fit
      • DBL (distance between lenses): 18 mm
      • Frame width: 130 mm

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        Angela Carmody
        Good service

        Easy to order and also easy to get information advice about the product. Very good firm to deal with.

        Glasses are helping with photophobia

        Just wanted to send in a quick thank you note that my glasses are helping me with photophobia caused by severe dry eyes.

        Not a complete reduction, but it is at least enabling me to look at the computer again with not too much discomfort.

        Delighted by the way the Kai has helped me manage my dry eye condition

        I am delighted with the difference my Ziena Kai glasses have helped me manage my dry eye condition.

        It was difficult to watch TV for any length of time, but when I wear my glasses, it is much more comfortable to see the screen.

        They also really help outdoors, especially in windy weather as they block out the elements, so wouldn't want to be without them now.

        Claudiu (Romania)
        Wearing these glasses I have reclaimed my life back

        The Ziena Kai glasses I have acquired from your company are very efficient. Wearing them I just reclaim my life back and is amazing to do stuff again which I was taking for granted in the past.

        This year travelled I travelled three times by plane, went to vacation in windy environments (boat trips, on the beach during strong wind etc).

        I have the glasses with me all the time and when the situation requires I’m wearing them and live the moment.

        Thank you!

        My Ziena Kai glasses have given me more pain relief than any eye drop

        Just to say I liked the Kai moisture chamber computer glasses so much I bought a pair for everyday too.

        I’ve got a mixture of aqueous deficiency and evaporative dry eye and my tear break up time is terrible at 3-5 seconds so the glasses really help. They’ve given me more pain relief than any eye drop.

        I managed to get Nikon transitions varifocals in them via my optician. The only issue is the lenses have changed the shape of the frame and therefore the moisture chambers. They are better over the top of my eyes now but there are small gaps at the sides. I tried them with single vision lenses and didn’t have this issue but I disliked the lack of good near vision. The optician says this is due to the shape of the varifocal lenses and is unavoidable.

        Anyhow. I’m a happy customer once again.