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Best lenses for photophobia (light sensitivity)

If you suffer from light sensitivity associated with specific conditions such as migraine, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy, you can benefit from wearing 7eye AirShield glasses to eliminate peripheral glare.

7eye AirShield rear view showing gasket that keeps out peripheral glare

If you suffer from sensitivity to sunlight

If your photophobia is related to being dazzled by the glare from bright sunlight, 7eye have a choice of lenses that may be suitable for you.

SharpView Polarised Grey

  • Light transmission: 12%, Polarised
  • Category 3
  • A dark grey, neutral tint with the added benefit of a polarising filter that reduces the sun's glare, especially at low angles and when reflected from shiny or light surfaces

SharpView Extra Dark Grey

Category 4 lenses Extra Dark Grey

  • Light transmission: 7%, Non-polarised
  • Category 4
  • A very dark grey tint
  • If you order the Extra Dark Grey Lenses, we will require you to sign a waiver to confirm that you will not use these lenses for driving. Click here to download the waiver document which you need to complete, sign and return.

Photochromic DarkShift

DarkShift lenses

  • A photochromic lens that darkens when you are outdoors, becoming a very dark Grey in full sun, lightening to virtually Clear in low light
  • Light transmission in full sun is 9% (in temperatures below 5°C it darkens to 4%, Non-polarised)
  • Higher ABBE value for better peripheral vision

If you suffer photophobia from other types of light

If your sensitivity is related to other types of light, you will need to get the 7eye glasses fitted with lenses in the optimum colour for your condition.

For example, a yellow lens is often recommended for macular degeneration, an orange lens for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), and a rose tinted lens (FL-41) for migraine related photophobia.

You should seek advice from your opthalmologist on which tint will most help your condition best.

If you need prescription lenses or specialised lenses

If you need prescription lenses or custom-made lenses in a specific tint suitable for your photophobia, you should contact your optician or chosen optical reglazing company before buying the glasses from us.

You need to check that the lenses you require (and your prescription) can be accommodated into the glasses you want.

For more guidelines, see Getting prescription lenses fitted