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Extra dark lenses for photophobia sufferers

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Many of us look forward to a sunny day, but others dread it because exposure to bright sunlight causes them discomfort or pain. Why? Because their eyes are hyper-sensitive to glare, which is termed photophobia.

Different people's experience with photophobia varies considerably in their level of sensitivity and the type of light that they find uncomfortable.

It can be very debilitating if you suffer from photophobia, because it may severely interfere with your ability to work in an office, enjoy the outdoors, or read from a computer screen.

For some people cutting down on the light level entering the eye helps; for others, cutting out certain ranges of specific colours of light is more beneficial.

If you are very sensitive to the sun's glare, it is tempting to wear dark sunglasses even indoors. However, this is not recommended as it can make your eyes even more light sensitive when you go outdoors again and face the full extent of the sun's glare.

Research has shown that Dry Eye Syndrome is the commonest eye-related cause of photophobia, while migraine is the most common neurological cause.

Other common medical factors underlying photophobia include cataracts and macular degeneration.

7eye AirShield sunglasses fitted with extra dark grey lenses can provide optimum glare protection outdoors 

The design of the 7eye AirShield range of sunglasses with their protective eye cup or gasket fitted behind the rims is highly effective for blocking peripheral glare - far more so than standard designs of wraparound sunglasses.

7eye AirShield gaskets blocks out peripheral glare

7eye AirShield glasses are also much more stylish than the industry standard wraparound fit-over glasses that have long been the standard form of eyewear available to photophobia sufferers.

Now Eyewear Accessories have introduced two new lens options that will be of interest if you suffer from sensitivity to the sun's glare:

  • Extra Dark Grey lenses
  • DarkShift Photochromic Grey lenses

Extra Dark Grey lenses

extra dark grey lens for light sensitivity

If you suffer from light sensitivity which stops you being able to go outdoors, then the Extra Dark Grey lens could be ideal for you.

The SharpView Extra Dark Grey is a category 4 lens which has a fixed grey tint that gives a light transmission value of just 7%. This compares with the darkest lens previously available with 7eye glasses of 12% (the SharpView Polarised Grey). Like all 7eye lenses, it provides 100% UV protection.

Extra Dark lenses should never be worn for driving and we will require you to sign a waiver that you will not do so.

DarkShift Photochromic lenses

DarkShift lenses

The DarkShift lens is light-activated. It darkens automatically when exposed to the UV light from the sun. At its lightest it transmits 78% of light; at its darkest it only transmits 9% of light (in temperatures below 5°C it darkens to just 4%.

    Extra dark prescription lenses

    If you require prescription lenses to be fitted to your AirShield glasses, or require a different tint of lenses for your eye condition, these are obtainable from Reglaze Glasses Direct

    Always get advice from your ophthalmologist first on which lenses will be help your condition.

    Which 7eye AirShield glasses are currently available with extra dark or DarkShift lenses?

    Currently we are stocking these lens options for the Ventus, the Cape, and the Panhead:

    7eye Ventus

    7eye Cape

    7eye Panhead

    Need some advice?

    If you are interested in 7eye AirShield glasses but are not sure how best to proceed, please contact us at Eyewear Accessories and we will be pleased to help you.

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