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Our dry eye blog — photophobia glasses

Enjoy 3 in 1 protection when you wear 7eye AirShield glasses

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7eye AirShield glasses and sunglasses give your eyes so much more protection than standard wraparound eyewear.

No other type of eyewear offers 3 in 1 protection against:

  • wind
  • pollen and dust
  • peripheral glare

What's more, wearing 7eye AirShield glasses means that your tear moisture will not evaporate so fast, and this helps to relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Protection against wind

The soft, comfortable AirShield eye cup encircles your eye sockets, insulating your eyes from the wind.

7eye AirShield eye cup

Wearing 7eye AirShield glasses will, in most cases, stop your eyes from producing...

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Do your existing sunglasses give you a headache?

7eye Panhead 7eye Ventus glasses causing headache glasses with adjustable ear rests photophobia glasses photosensitivity sunglasses causing headaches sunglasses with adjustable arms ziena eyewear Ziena Kai Ziena Marina

There are several reasons why you might get a headache with your existing sunglasses.

headache caused by wearing unsuitable eyewear

By ascertaining whether it is the lens or frame design on your current sunglasses that is causing discomfort, you can decide which of our types of specialised sunglasses and glasses can help to relieve the pain that you are experiencing.

Headache due to the lenses of your sunglasses

You may be getting a headache because the colour and darkness of the lenses is not suited to you.

For example, if your eyes are photosensitive, ie: you find the glare...

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My eyes are super sensitive to the sun's glare. Which lens should I choose?

7eye glasses uk dark lenses for sensitive eyes photophobia glasses

7eye glasses uk

We offer a choice of three different types of dark lenses for light sensitivity to sunshine. But which should you choose?

SharpView Polarised Grey
Choose this lens if you have an eye condition such as dry eye syndrome that has increased your sensitivity to bright sunshine.

Extra Dark Grey
Choose this lens if you are extremely sensitive to sunlight - even on days where the sun is hazy.

DarkShift Photochromic lenses
Choose this lens if you have an eye condition such as dry eye syndrome that has increased your sensitivity to bright sunshine and you are looking for a darker light-reactive lens than...

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Finding the sun too bright? Try wearing 7eye Airshield sunglasses

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7eye AirShield sunglasses are the must have accessory for the summer.

Whereas normal sunglasses let in glare around the edges of the lenses, 7eye AirShield of sunglasses have a gasket that clips behind the rims which blocks peripheral glare.

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