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Wearing my windproof glasses means I can enjoy gardening even in gusty Autumn winds

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Autumn brings a lot of clearing up jobs in the garden, from trimming shrubs to sweeping up leaves. The trouble is that your enjoyment of being out in the garden can be affected significantly if the weather is cold and windy.

While you can cover up with windproof clothing, your eyes often remain unprotected.

When they are constantly being battered by strong and gusty winds, your eyes can either feel dry and sore, or can water profusely.

Frequently in gusty weather, you can find that dust is blown about and it is easy to get a piece of grit in the eyes, which can cause irritation if you have sensitive eyes.

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds very familiar to you, don't despair! This is one of the situations that versatile 7eye windproof glasses and sunglasses can make being outdoors much more enjoyable.

wearing 7eye AirShield glasses for gardening

I wear my 7eye Ventus glasses whenever I am out in the garden in blowy weather in autumn and winter. The thick AirShield gasket insulates my eyes from the wind.

gardening on a windy day

The glasses also protect my eyes from dust and objects that are kicked up when I am strimming long grass or using the hedge trimmer.

the thick AirShield gasket insulates my eyes from the wind

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