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Enjoy being in the garden in Autumn but hate the wind blasting your eyes?

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There's a lot to do in the garden in Autumn but it is also a time when strong, gusty winds can significantly reduce your enjoyment of being outdoors.

Even if you have dressed in warm, windproof clothing, your eyes can feel very exposed in these conditions.

Do your eyes feel dry and sore or watery even after a short time in the garden?

If you are a dry eye sufferer, you will know the discomfort of having sore eyes after a short time out in the garden on a windy day. If you are out in a cold wind, you may find that one or both of your eyes waters profusely, and as a result you can't see what you are doing because the tears blur your vision.

You need not suffer these symptoms if you wear 7eye AirShield wraparound glasses or sunglasses. These glasses have a comfortable padded gasket (called an eye cup) that rests gently around your eye sockets, keeping out the wind and airborne dust.

windproof sunglasses with gasket

I find my 7eye Ventus glasses are invaluable in cold, windy weather. They make Autumn gardening much more comfortable.

The glasses give me invaluable protection throughout the year. For example, to protect my eyes from:

  • pollen in the hay fever season
  • drying out in hot, sunny weather
  • the sun's glare - even around the periphery of my vision
  • airborne dust when I am using the strimmer or the mower

protective eyewear

My Ventus has light reactive brown lenses (24:7 contrast) so I can use them in all types of weather.

wearing 7eye AirShield sunglasses in bright weather

Why not try a pair and see why dry eye sufferers are recommending them?

Read our product overview to learn more about our range of protective eyewear.

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