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How to enjoy being out in the sun without getting dry eyes

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Most of us enjoy being outdoors on a warm sunny day, but if you are prone to dry eyes you probably find that they soon start feeling sore and uncomfortable. 

If dry eyes are reducing your enjoyment of summery days, you can help to relieve the problem by wearing sunglasses with protective gaskets.

dry eye sunglasses

These look very similar to normal wraparound sunglasses but concealed discreetly behind the frame is a comfortable, protective eye cup that insulates your eye sockets and creates a moisture chamber around each eye.

The effect is to reduce the evaporation of your tear moisture so your eyes do not dry out as fast.

Keeps out wind, dust, and pollen

Wearing sunglasses with protective gaskets has other benefits too. The protective eye cup keeps out the wind, dust, and pollen, reducing the risk of your eyes getting itchy during the hay fever season or inflamed and sore due to other allergic reactions.

moisture chamber sunglasses keep out wind

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, you know how important it is to keep out dust, pollution, and other irritants. If you go on holiday to a beach resort or on safari, you are likely to encounter the problem of sand blowing in the wind.

Wearing protective sunglasses will reduce the risk of your holiday being ruined by your eyes getting irritated.

Keeps out glare more effectively than normal wraparound sunglasses

If your eyes are sensitive to bright sunshine, you will find that wearing 7eye AirShield sunglasses or Body Specs sunglasses keep out glare more effectively than normal wraparound sunglasses. This is because of the protective eye cup or gasket that closes off most of the gaps through which unwanted light can get in.

Keeps your eyes moisturised during plane travel

And if you find that your eyes get very dry on the plane on the way to your holiday destination, then wearing moisture chamber glasses will help to keep your eyes moisturised on the journey. The same benefit applies to wearing them in an air-conditioned room or car.


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